A Real American Trap!

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

The citizens of Llanview pull together to trap the hate group, Starr agrees to go to the prom with Markko, Marty opens up to John, and Tate tries to disown his father...

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At school, while Cole tries to talk to Langston about the play, she shushes him to listen in while Markko asks Starr to the prom… As Starr notices Britney hanging all over Cole, she tells Markko, "I would love to go to prom with you." Everyone, mostly Langston, is shocked when Markko presents his prom date! After the crowd disperses, Langston appears hurt but warns Starr that Markko is a jerk then asks, "Would you be going with Markko if Cole wasn't going with Britney?" After Starr assures Langston that Markko and her are just friends, she tries to get Langston to go to the prom. However, Langston says, "If I can't go with who I want to go with, I'm not going." Although Starr questions whom Langston wants to go with, Langston says, "No one in particular."

After Starr leaves, wanting to cheer Langston up, Marcie encourages her to go to prom then says, "I think I have a way to make it worth your while." Marcie convinces Langston to help her at the prom… Although Markko tells Cole he can steal a dance with Starr at the prom, Cole replies, "That's not what Starr wants." Later, Cole goes to Starr and lovingly says, "I wish you wouldn't go to the prom with Marrko…"


At the gallery, while Cris is taking Talia's picture in front of an American flag, Bo asks Lindsey if she's sure she wants to use the gallery for the trap. After Lindsey assures Bo she wants to help, he warns her to leave - and not come back - after their plan has been executed! When Nora and Matthew arrive, Nora appears in a tiff because of Lindsey's involvement in their plan.


As Cris is trying to make Talia feel comfortable in front of the camera, Vincent, Layla, Shaun and Shaun's grandfather arrive and they all prepare to trap the hate group with the fake All-America exhibit. When Lindsey joins them, she asks, "Are you all ready… Well, lets do this."


Through a montage of pictures of Nora, Matthew, Cris, Layla, Vincent, Shaun, Talia and Shaun's grandfather a recording is being made as Lindsey is interviewed about what it means to be a real American - and to take a stand against hate crimes! Afterwards, Layla leaves to see Evangeline while Bo sets up the stakeout with hopes that the hate group is watching…


At the diner, although Kirk tries to warn Tate to step up to the plate before he takes them both down, Tate lashes out at Kirk for being such a horrible father! Before Tate leaves, he tells Kirk, "I don't want to be associated with the garage that you stand for! Stay away from me!" After Tate leaves, Kirk hears Lindsey's plea over the radio for all Americans to stop hate crimes and yells to a waitress, "Turn that off!"


In John's office, when John asks why Marty really married Miles, Marty snaps that John is disrespecting her marriage! However, John won't lighten up and demands answers! As Marty goes to leave, John slams the door and begins questioning her about visiting David at Statesville and says, "You told Vickers he didn't kill Truman and you told me you had done something… you had panic attacks… Look at me… I can help you. Tell me what you know about Truman's murder." At John's persistence - and offer to help - Marty admits, "I killed Spencer Truman." Although Marty has blacked out the murder, she tries to explain that she remembers holding the scissors. As John keeps pushing her about her sudden marriage, Marty confides in John that her marriage is connected to her remembering that she killed Spencer! However, she claims Miles loves her and that she married him to protect Cole while she's in prison then says, "Now that you know I killed Spencer, you have to arrest me." John looks at Marty and replies, "No, I don't." Although John promises to figure out what happened, Marty says, "You do what you have to do… so will I." After Marty leaves, John calls Statesville and asks that David be released!


When Miles arrives at Marty's apartment, he finds Blair who claims she wanted to talk to both Miles and Marty. As she's removing her coat, Blair says, "But I guess you'll have to do." Through seduction, Blair assures Miles that if Todd returned, she'd have no interest in him then apologizes for accusing him of having any involvement in Todd's disappearance. Through more talk, after Blair admits that she's always been interested in Miles, Miles asks, "If I had been interested in you too, what would you do?" Miles puts on a soft tune, takes Blair in a dance and says, "If you're on my side prove it… kiss me." As Blair begins to get unnerved, she backs out of Miles's arms and says, "Get away from me!" With a sly smirk, Miles steps in closer and says, "Fooled you." Just as Blair is leaving, Marty arrives home and Blair says, "You two deserve each other!"


In a room somewhere, Todd lies in a bed as a girl enters the room saying, "Hunter, come on, we have to go!" Suddenly, when she sees Todd, she says, "Oh, my, God…" The girl is Sarah Roberts!


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Blair still holds hope that Todd is alive.

John reaches out to Marty.

Cole & Starr ache to be with each other at the prom.

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