Who Do You Love

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Cristian gets a warning from Blair, Jessica is back in full and the clock is ticking for Adriana...

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David Fumero

Blair walks in as Todd and Evangeline embrace, but Evangeline says it's not what it looks like. Todd is still bitter and argues with Blair, who says that Todd uses Evangeline to get back at her. When Evangeline tries to leave, Todd asks her to stay. Blair gives them both a play by play of her conversation with Spencer. Blair admits that she told Spencer she loves Todd. Todd still can't get over what Blair did with Spencer. Evangeline tries to leave again, but Todd needs her, says she's his best friend. Evangeline accuses Todd of playing games, of being afraid of what will happen if he gets back with Blair, tells him that Spencer is behind bars because of what Blair did for HIM! She now gets why everyone always turns their back on him.

Ted questions Vincent about making Cristian take a fall in his upcoming fight. Vincent lies to Cristian, says that the odds are in his favor, that they have the championship in the bag. Blair shows up at the gym, tells Cristian that Todd has set his sights on Evangeline, that she found them in each other's arms. As Blair leaves, she runs into Evangeline.

Jessica says that she remembers everything. The doctor brings her out of hypnosis and asks her name. Nash stands up, says she's Tess, he can see it in her eyes. But it's Jessica. She apologies to Nash as her family is filled with excitement. Nash is devastated by his loss. He wants answers, wants to know if Tess is dead. Jessica insures him that Tess is a part of her, that he'll always have their child, says she can feel how much Tess loves him. Antonio lashes out at Nash when he asks Jessica what she feels for him. Jessica says Nash saved Tess, her, that she can never thank him enough. Out in the hall, Nash asks the doctor if there's a chance that Tess could come back. The doctor says it's best that he leave Jessica alone, forget about Tess.

Rex is in the holding container where Bruce held Adriana, but it's empty. He calls Dorian with the news, tells her it's all her fault. Bruce has Adriana at a rest area, says if Dorian doesn't come through with the money it could be her final resting place! Adriana overhears a phone call where someone is threatening Bruce, saying he owes them money. Bruce explains to Adriana how he got himself in such a debt, says he needs the money from Dorian, that he has nothing to lose by killing Adriana if he has to. Adriana is appalled that her mother did this to her. She can't wait to tell Dorian that she hates her for doing this! Back at Dorian's, Rex shows up with Adriana's hair tie. As they blame each other for Adriana's kidnapping, Bruce calls, says it's time. Dorian wants to talk to Adriana. Adriana tells Dorian he hasn't hurt her, then Bruce gives Dorian the directions to find him and Adriana, to come alone or she's dead. Dorian makes Rex promise that he won't follow her, but Rex insists on going with her.

Next on One Life to Live: Rex tells Bruce it's over, Cristian warns Evangeline that Todd is using her and Nash informs Claudia that Jessica is back.

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