It's Declaration Day In Llanview

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Blair gives Spencer an overdue confession, Adriana's time is running out and Tess is back

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Paul Satterfield

Spencer begs for Blair's support, says everyone is telling her lies. Blair tells Spencer she saw evidence that he's guilty, tells him she's the one who gave it to the cops, that SHE put him in jail! Spencer wants to know who got to Blair, and she informs him that she found out on her own, that she came up with the plan to put him behind bars. When Spencer questions her love for him, Blair says she's only loved one man Todd! Spencer won't accept it, says Blair doesn't love Todd, that no man will love her like Spencer does. She then informs Spencer that she and Todd made love! Spencer is furious for Blair betraying him, but still insists that she loved him, needed something more than Todd could ever give her. Spencer is angry, but he forgives Blair, says he still loves her. Blair doesn't want his forgiveness, tells him she's happy he's locked up, throws her engagement ring at his feet and leaves!

Bruce tells Adriana it's Showtime, that Dorian better not mess with him. After deciding that Dorian can't be trusted, Adriana suggests that if Bruce lets her go, she'll transfer all of her inheritance to him. Bruce tells Adriana to call the bank, but she can't. He figures out that she doesn't have access to the money.

Rex traces Bruce's cell call, knows where Adriana is. He grabs his gun and states he's getting his girlfriend back! Dorian agrees to work with Rex, but he tells her she can't come with him, to stay at the mansion in case Adriana calls. After Rex leaves, Dorian grabs her gun. At the holding center where Bruce held Adriana, Rex plows in, screams FREEZE!

Evangeline returns a check to Todd, says he paid her too much. While sharing a beer, she asks where Blair is and Todd says she's with Spencer. However, he tells Evangeline that Blair will never change, that he's not waiting around for her. Evangeline reminds Todd of his love for Blair, but he says he doesn't want her back. As Evangeline is leaving, sharing an embrace with Todd, Blair walks in and sees them.

Nash shows up at Vicki's with the baby, says he needs to be there for Tess when Jessica integrates. Everyone tries throwing Nash out, but Jessica says she wants him to stay. However, she also makes it clear to Nash that they both need to give Tess up. Nash leaves Jessica, Antonio and her family in the room. Dr. Jamison starts hypnosis on Jessica, putting her back to age 6, asking who helped her back then. Nash quietly comes back in the room as Jessica verbally relives the abuse that she endured, remembers it happening to her. Suddenly Jessica can't handle the truth, forcing Vicki and Clint to call out, encouraging her to face the truth, and she does, remembers being molested. However, the doctor keeps pushing her to remember more, to remember Tess. And she does, Tess comes out!!! Tess lets everyone know that Jessica is weak. Suddenly Tess starts talking to Jessica, telling her to either face the past or she'll take over. Ultimately, Tess and Jessica decide to face the truth together When brought out of hypnosis, the doctor asks what her name is Jessica or Tess?

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