Illusions engulf the minds of Llanview

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Jessica fantasizes about Nash, Todd and Blair have mixed emotions, Rex and Dorian are on the hunt to get Adriana back and John hammers another nail in Spencer's coffin

Illusions engulf the minds of Llanview image

Forbes March

Jessica has a dream about her, Nash and the baby being a family, abruptly waking her up. Later, she admits to Antonio that although she's nervous about her session, she's ready to get her life back. There's a knock at the door. It's Nash. He wanted to see the baby before the session. Jessica tells him she's changed her mind, that she no longer wants him to come to the doctor's. Nash wants to know why, but Jessica is too flustered with fantasies of Nash that she can't have him there. Instead, she suggests he stay and watch the baby while she's at the doctor's.

As Nash talks to little Brennan, he daydreams that Tess is there with them. He's so lost without Tess, prays that somehow Tess will be a major outcome in Jessica's integration. At Vicki's, Jessica meets with Dr. Jamison. As the doctor is getting Jessica ready to relax, in walks Nash with the baby, says he needs to be there for Tess!

Blair has a nightmare about Spencer where he tells her he'll never let her go While waiting in Starr's hospital room, Michael comes in, asks Blair how she's coping with Spencer's arrest. Blair tells Michael that she worked with John to nail Spencer.

Adriana dreams that she's killed Rex by hitting him over the head with a lamp. Fully awake, Adriana is sorry for doubting Rex. Bruce walks in, sees Adriana crying. He taunts her about how she threw Rex away. Bruce tells her that Dorian better come up with the ransom money. Adriana tells Bruce she hates Dorian, that she'll never forgive her.

Rex envisions Adrianna walking away from him. He wakes up at Dorian's, finds Dorian and again tells her he knows she was the one who created this mess! However, they are stuck in this together. Clint walks in to see Rex, shirtless, and Dorian! Dorian explains he's there because of Adriana. Clint wants to know what's going on, and Rex pushes her to tell Clint. But, as always, Dorian lies to Clint, forces him out the door.

Spencer is woken from a nightmare where he finds himself being shot by John. Suddenly, for real, John is in the jail, telling him his nightmares are just beginning. Spencer tells John that he's going to sue him the minute he's released, but John isn't threatened. Just then, John brings in Dr. Snyder John informs Spencer of Snyder's arrest for child pornography, tells Snyder to fess up about his involvement with Spencer or else he'll spend 25 years behind bars. Snyder admits to John, in front of Spencer, that Spencer blackmailed him, that Spencer knew of his obsession with little girls. Spencer taunts John, saying he'll never know who killed his father!

When Michael thanks Blair for helping John nail Spencer, she says she hopes that Todd can forgive her for being involved with Spencer. Todd walks in the room. Michael leaves. After seeing Blair in a negligee on the airing of Spencer's arrest, Todd accuses Blair of having slept with Spencer again. Blair says she never slept him, but Todd has a hard time believing her. To prove her love to Todd, Blair says she's going to Spencer to tell him that everything she did was to make Spencer pay, that she did it all for Todd. Blair arrives at the jail. Spencer takes her hand, wants Blair to tell him that she still loves him. He screams for her to tell him everything's going to be all right!

Rex tells Dorian that when the kidnapper calls, she better agree to everything he says! The phone rings, it's Bruce. Dorian tells him she has his money, but she won't give him a penny until she gets Adriana back, that she wants a face to face meeting. Bruce tells her he hopes she doesn't regret her decision and hangs up! Bruce explains to Adriana that Dorian is playing with her life. He's furious! Back at the mansion, Rex gets his laptop, says he knows where Adriana is!

Next on One Life to Live: Rex grabs his gun and heads out to get Adriana back, Blair tells Spencer that it wasn't Todd who put him in jail, it was her and Tess asks Nash if he missed her!

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