"I Have People..."

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Vincent goes to Bo with a proposition, Todd & Blair share a special moment, and Asa couldn't be happier when Natalie approaches him about a job at Buchanan Enterprises...

Cris imagines himself in the shower with Evangeline joining him… Just then, Layla takes a seat on the park bench in Angels Square and says, "You look like you were miles away." When Cris expresses being upset over 'the baby,' Layla slips and asks, "Evangeline told you?" After finding out Cris meant Jamie, Layla tries to cover up what she said about Evangeline. However, Cris realizes, "Is Evangeline pregnant?" Layla tells Cris to talk to her sister then leaves…

In his office, while Bo is shocked that Natalie is quitting, "I'm worried about you," Natalie assures him that she needs a change. However, Bo thinks she's leaving because of John and Natalie replies, "This is about a whole lot more than running into John McBain everyday." Although Bo will miss her, he gives Natalie his blessing.

While crossing paths at the police station, Vincent and Evangeline talk about the arsonist case and Vincent reminds her that they are all in danger. After Evangeline warns Vincent not to go after the arsonist, she leaves.

When Natalie comes out of Bo's office, she gives Vincent the news, "I quit." As Natalie makes jokes about what she'll do next, Vincent says, "You're too good for this place. Once you set your mind to something… You can do whatever you want." Suddenly, Natalie gets any idea and thanks Vincent for his words of encouragement.


After Natalie leaves, Vincent goes to Bo with a proposition, "I have resources that the police don't and would like to join forces with you." However, Bo wants to handle the case - legally - so the charges stick. "Well then," Vincent says. "I hope you catch these guys before I do."

When Evangeline runs into Cris in the park, he approaches her and says, "I talked to Layla… Is it true? Are you pregnant?" Although Evangeline tries to walk away, Cris snatches the bag containing the pregnancy test out of her hand!

At The Palace bar, John asks Marty for a follow-up description of the man who robbed The Palace a month ago. After John isn't impressed with her PDA report, Marty snaps at his rudeness. John apologizes then takes another look at her report. Over a drink, John suggests they get a table and share some small talk, which turns into talk of how hard it is growing up without a dad. John assures Marty that things will turn out better for Cole than they did for him.


In Todd's Chicago hotel room, although Todd tries pushing Blair away, she screams, "I'm here to help you!" Blair picks up the picture of Todd's child, "He's beautiful." However, Todd says he doesn't recognize his own son, "I failed this child and I'm failing him now!" Again, Blair tries to get him to look at the photo and Todd admits that he worries Margaret's image will be evident if he looks at his son, "You see her too, don't you?" Not waiting for her answer, Todd admits, "Maybe he'd be better off if we didn't find him." Blair reassures him of the support he'll have in raising his baby, "You are a wonderful father and I wouldn't want our children raised by any other man." Finally, Blair is able to cheer Todd up and he says, "If we do find my son, will you help me raise him?" Through tears, Blair promises to there for Todd…

In his room, when Miles gets a visit from the escort he ordered, she's shocked to hear that Miles doesn't want to be pleasured - rather he wants to be taught how to pleasure her, "I'm a virgin." Until he explains, the escort thinks Miles is playing a game! "I need to be taught things. I'm in love with someone and I want to make her happy - emotionally and physically." Jordan promises to turn Miles into an expert lover before the night is over and the hot lesson begins…


Clint arrives at Asa's and tells Asa, Renee and Nora that Jamie is going to be fine. Later when Nora announces that she'll be moving out of the mansion soon, everyone says how much they'll miss her and Matthew. Suddenly, Renee gets a call from The Palace saying that her bartender thinks a high-class hooker was in the bar, "But now she's not, so he thinks she's upstairs in a room." As Renee rushes out, Natalie comes in and asks to speak to Asa - alone.


When Natalie tells Asa she'd like to work for him at Buchanan Enterprise, Asa welcomes her with open arms.

Outside of Miles room, although Renee lets her go, she warns the escort not to make a habit of using her hotel as a moneymaker!

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