Pulling Out The Big Guns Are You?

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

David envisions fame, Viki clears the air about Clint with Natalie and Arturo and Dani get closer.

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At the television studio, David notices an acting chair and envisions himself receiving a call for a Walk of Fame as Jo interrupts. Jo tells David that she is obsessed with Dorian. David worries that the reality show will end up being about her rather than him. Jo assures him that it won't be about her, but both of them. David says they're separated. Jo asks if there’s a chance they’ll reconcile. He says no.

Natalie and Viki discuss how Viki lost everything at Llanfair. Natalie says it was an act of kindness. Viki says what Clint did to her is similar to what he did to John McBain. Viki tells Natalie that she has learned her lesson. Natalie recalls that she has to get to her date. She says she has to move on and have some fun.

At the apartment, Matthew, Michelle and Jeffrey look at a pizza as Dani walks in saying that she smells it. Jeffrey offers some pizza to her, but Dani says no thanks as she is going out to dinner. Jeffrey asks if she is going on a date and she denies it. She exits. Jeffrey jokes about Matthew’s taste in food. Michelle gets offended as they seem to be ignoring her. Jeffrey taunts her. To make up for it, Matthew offers to take Michelle to get a beer. They both exit.

Arturo is greeted by Rama at Shelter. Dani sits down with him at his table. He asks her about the scarf and she says she almost didn’t wear it. Tea enters and Dani ducks behind a menu. She says her mom has been under pressure lately. He tells her he’ll pay the check and they can go. Dani heads out. Arturo jokes that his mother still monitors him too. They walk to another restaurant and he asks her to the Veteran’s Gala. She says she’ll go with him and he gives her new earrings.

Blair speaks with Todd on the phone about Jack and the plan to kill Victor. Dorian enters and Rama tries to speak to her, but she brushes her off. Rama tells Cutter Dorian is there. Dorian tells Cutter how powerful in Llanview she is and he responds, ''Not after the scandal.'' Tea interrupts Blair and Dorian talking. Dorian leaves the room. Tea asks Blair if she has heard from Todd about the plan. She tells her it’s a go. Tea hopes it will go as planned and introduces Dean to Dorian and he flirts with her. Elsewhere, Cutter and Natalie talk about their childhoods being the same.

Outside, Blair receives a call from Todd, who tells her Victor dies tonight.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Jeffrey and Matthew ask Dani if she's on a date.

Blair asks Todd about a note he received.

Clint bangs on Viki's door saying there are two people in this relationship.

Jack tells David he has girl troubles.

Jeffrey touches Destiny's face and moves in for a kiss.

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