The Nightowl.

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Bo has a request for Nora, Dorian makes demands of David, and Cutter surprises Natalie.

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Bo arrives home at the loft after a hard day at work. He and Nora share drinks and talk about her special Woodstock show tonight. He wants to share his experience at Woodstock on air. Nora 'The Nightbird' labels Bo 'The Nightowl' then they reminisce. Nora refuses to allow Bo to be on the show. Bo leaves the room, as Nora goes on the air. Bo calls in to her show, so Nora quickly goes to a commercial and demands Bo come out of their locked bedroom. Later, they laugh and listen to old music.

Natalie shuts the door in Cutter's face when he appears at her apartment. She quickly picks up the place, and herself, then invites Cutter in. They share a pizza then kiss passionately. Things heat up and Natalie starts unbuttoning Cutter's shirt, as they roll around on the floor.

Dani rants at the apartment, worried about her mom. They sent Tea home from the hospital, and Tea sent Dani away as well. Destiny arrives, as Dani rants about Matthew and Michelle. Destiny wonders why she's so upset and asks if she slept with Matthew. Dani denies it, as Destiny screams and accuses Dani of betraying her. Dani breaks down and cries, "I'm so lonely I could kill myself." The girls apologize and hug, as Jeffrey watches in shock.

Matthew and Michelle share champagne in the hotel room. She wonders if he did all of this just to have sex with her. Matthew denies it and calms Michelle when she admits she's a virgin. Despite the fact, things quickly heat up, and they make love. Matthew's stunned that she seems so experienced. After, Michelle gets emotional. She's so happy to have found Matthew.

Dorian stops David from moving out of the mansion. She wants him to apologize and promise he'll never cheat again. What's he willing to do to save their marriage? David takes a call about his film and leaves to meet someone named Jo Sullivan from Michael Green's office.

David arrives at Shelter and clears the air with Rama. Jo Sullivan appears, and David's surprised to see she's a woman who wants to be a producer for David's show. David kisses her hand.

David returns to the mansion and tells Dorian they need some time apart. Dorian wants to work things out. David admits his show was picked up by the network, but Dorian can't be happy for him. David leaves with his suitcase.

Todd rejoins Blair at his suite. They talk about him tattooing the dead body. Blair notices he's soaked and helps him undress. They kiss. Todd undresses Blair as well.

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Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Michelle gets dressed back into her maid's uniform.

Dani urges Tea to lean on her.

Clint tells Matthew that he and Viki aren't engaged anymore.

Dorian gloats that Viki's not wearing her engagement ring.

Bo questions Arturo.

Todd scolds Jack.

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