Tell Me You're Not Going There Again.

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Tea finds Blair at Todd's, Clint stands up to Viki, and Dorian's still furious.

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Jeffrey makes Matthew a hangover cure at their apartment. Over talk of Matthew's date with Michelle, Dani ignores Matthew's questions about having been in Brianna's room. Matthew storms off after Dani makes negative comments about Michelle. Jeffrey has an idea as to how Dani can blow off some steam.

Dorian wakes up David by pouring cold water over him at the mansion. She rips up his important papers and screams about him kissing Rama. Dorian wonders how long he's been sleeping with her. David denies it and prepares for an important meeting. Dorian screams that his reality show stinks and forbids him from walking out the door. David leaves.

Blair wakes up in Todd's suite. Tea arrives, finds out Blair stayed there and says, "Tell me you're not going there again." After Tea leaves, Todd challenges Blair to admit she didn't enjoy spending time with him. Blair kisses Todd before she leaves.

Viki throws her engagement ring in a drawer at Llanfair. Clint appears and refuses to grovel anymore. If Viki wants out, she's got it. He was only trying to help the woman he loves and wonders why she insists on doing everything alone. She makes it impossible for anyone to love her. Clint walks off. Nigel appears to say goodbye. He'll miss Viki and is saddened to hear she's lost everything and will have to sell Llanfair. Nigel thinks Viki should accept Clint's help.

Tea joins Natalie and Destiny at a fitness class. Tea talks to an old acquaintance. Meanwhile, Rama and Nikki warm up nearby over talk of David. Natalie joins Rama and looks at the guy Tea was talking to. They've both seen him at Shelter. Rama thinks he deals drugs. Dani and Jeffrey appear, as the class gets started. Tea has a panic attack and can't breathe, and Dani screams for someone to call 911. The guy from Tea's past calms her, as Dani insists she get checked out.

David meets Michael Green at a studio and pitches his reality show. Micheal's never heard of David's first movie and dozes off, as David talks about the reality show. Michael calls David boring and dismisses him.

David returns to the mansion and blames Dorian for his failed meeting. She makes him doubt himself and belittles his dreams. He stomps away.

Viki goes to Clint's office and agrees to keep his money. After she leaves, Nigel appears. "Remind me to give you a raise," Clint says.

Michelle finishes up a call with Matthew then is surprised to find him in a room at the hotel. He booked it for the night, he says, with a kiss.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Things heat up between Todd and Blair.

Nora chases after Bo.

Destiny asks if Dani slept with Matthew.

Michelle wonders if Matthew's planning some random hookup.

Dorian demands David apologize.

David sees a woman, takes her hand and kisses it.

OLTL Recap Part 2: The Nightowl.

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