Utterly Betrayed By You.

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Dorian gives Viki news, Cutter gets a surprise at Natalie's, and Kate walks away from Jack.

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At the mansion, Dorian refuses to go to Shelter with David, for a big business meeting, then takes a private call from Frank. He admits Viki lost her money in the Pellegrino Fund like everyone else did and doesn't know why Viki's claiming otherwise.

Jeffrey meets with Viki at Llanfair. Viki confides her worries about her money and the Pellegrino Fund. Jeffrey agrees to find out if Clint's telling her the truth. Later, Jeffrey calls with news. Viki hangs up and asks if Clint's keeping anything from her. He denies it. Dorian arrives and warns Viki Clint's betrayed her. After Dorian leaves, Clint admits he covered Viki's loss, and they didn't get her money back. Viki already knows and says, "I feel utterly betrayed by you." She hates that Clint tries to control her and fix every problem that all of them have. She hands Clint her engagement ring.

Jack spots Shaun watching him and Kate at the coffeehouse. Kate becomes paranoid, doesn't want to lose her job and leaves. Jack calls Blair and insists he was studying with his teacher and demands Todd call off his goons.

At Todd's suite, he tries to comfort Blair, who worries that Jack hates them. She tries to leave, but Todd convinces her to stay. Over drinks, Todd reaches out, and Blair takes his hand.

David and Rama chat about his career at Shelter then hit the dance floor. Just as they get close, Rama is called away for an issue. Nearby, Dani tells Matthew about her time with Arturo and how a maid arrived in Brianna's room. Michelle appears and admits the truth. Matthew's impressed by her honesty and doesn't care where she works.

Natalie and Destiny prepare for their date at her place, as Bo and Nora are watching Liam and Drew. Jeffrey arrives first then Cutter. He's surprised to see Destiny and Jeffrey there. As they eat dinner, Natalie rubs Cutter's leg under the table. Cutter takes a call from Rama and has to leave to deal with a problem at Shelter.

Cutter arrives at Shelter and hears the ice machine broke. He rants that Rama could've handled the issue then walks away. Cutter calls Natalie and reschedules a private date with her. David eyes Rama, who rejoins him on the dance floor. As they passionately kiss, Dorian appears and rips them apart. "Back off, bitch!" Dorian screams then argues with David. She punches David in the stomach and storms off, refusing to forgive him.

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Llanview spoilers for next Monday's One Life To Live:

David has a choice to make.

Viki gets advice.

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