That Exotic Floozy.

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Dorian rants about David, Arturo asks for Dani's help, and Nora worries about Viki.

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At the station, Nora and Bo talk about Viki's troubles and how Dorian called Nora, claiming Viki did something shady. Nora worries if Dorian's right, she can't, as the DA, ignore the crime. Bo advises Nora to stay out of it then agrees to call Clint to see what he can find out. Later, Bruce brings in the older man who was last seen with Brianna. The man admits he and Brianna went on a date. He didn't see her do any drugs, didn't have sex with her and dropped her off at The Palace. Bo's suspicious and vows to come after him if his alibi doesn't check out. As the man leaves, Bo never sees the strange symbol tattooed on the inside of his forearm.

At the mansion, Dorian leaves a message for Frank then tells Blair Jack left really early. Blair's confused, as Jack's usually the last one up. She calls Jack, who insists he's at the coffeehouse when he's really in bed with Kate. After Blair hangs up, Dorian rants about David and that exotic floozy, Rama. Blair assures Dorian that Rama isn't a threat. Later, Nora arrives, and Dorian insists she open an investigation on Viki and her Pellegrino Fund involvement.

Jeffrey and Dani listen to Matthew talking to Michelle over the phone at their apartment. Dani takes a call from Arturo. He's going through Brianna's things and asks for Dani's help. After she hangs up, Matthew hangs up too. Dani claims to be happy for him and Michelle then leaves. Jeffrey opens a letter and hears his rich mentor Carl Peterson is coming for a visit.

Clint tells Viki at Llanfair that Natalie forgave him. Can she? Viki isn't sure. Clint takes a call from Bo and assures him he and Viki did nothing wrong involving the Pellegrino Fund. Later, Nora arrives to privately warn Viki about Dorian's accusations. Viki relays that Clint's assured her that everything is legit. Once she leaves, Viki fills Clint in, who promises Viki's in the clear. If Viki finds out differently, she won't marry Clint.

Dani helps Arturo pack away Brianna's things in her suite at The Palace. She sees a beautiful scarf, and Arturo insists she keep it and compliments her. Dani refuses the gesture. He tries to pay for her help, but she refuses again. After he steps out, she remembers Arturo's words, "You're a beautiful girl, who deserves nice things." Housekeeping arrives, and Dani's stunned to see Michelle, who's supposed to be in Toronto. Michelle lied to Matthew, so he didn't find out she's a maid. Dani doesn't like how she lies to Matthew but agrees to stay quiet about her job.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Blair finds out Kate and Jack are having coffee and demands to know who she is.

Cutter refuses to kiss and tell.

Michelle wants to tell Matthew the truth.

Dorian tells Viki Clint's betrayed her.

Rama and David dance.

Todd and Blair hold hands.

OLTL Recap Part 2: Utterly Betrayed By You.

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