I Call It Simply Being A Buchanan.

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Natalie forgives Clint, Arturo persuades Dani, and Destiny convinces Jeffrey.

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Dani is introduced to Michelle at Shelter. Matthew tries to get rid of Dani. Michelle apologizes to Dani for the way she acted with Matthew. Dani acts happy for them then rushes out when the couple hits the dance floor. Arturo stops her and convinces Dani to take his hand and stay. Arturo sees sadness in her eyes. She sees it in his as well. Dani watches Matthew kiss Michelle before they leave. Dani listens as Arturo talks about meeting Brianna. Dani tells him Brianna was with another older man the night she died. Arturo gets nervous and wonders who saw them together and whether or not Dani knew his name. Dani can't give him answers. At the bar, Nikki confronts Cutter about sleeping with Brianna and wonders what he plans to tell the cops when they find out. He denies it and warns Nikki to stay out of it. Nikki brings up Natalie and wonders what she'll think of him and Brianna as well. Later, Nikki makes David a drink and flirts with him. Rama interrupts and asks after Dorian. David assures Rama he can handle his wife. David brings up Rama's open marriage and hopes he can be one of her first dates. She wonders if David and Dorian have an open marriage as well.

Nora takes a radio show call at the loft from a woman who had no choice but to leave her husband and kid.

Clint arrives at Natalie's. He knows he was wrong and asks, "Is there any way you can forgive me." He calls his actions 'simply being a Buchanan'. Natalie rants about his manipulations and begs him to stop controlling her life. Clint only wanted to protect her and wishes he'd been there for Natalie as a child. He knows he doesn't deserve her trust. Natalie falls into Clint's arms in tears.

At Viki's office, Jeffrey agrees to join Destiny for a date at Natalie's. She claims their presence will be so Natalie isn't so uncomfortable around Cutter. Jeffrey assures her this won't be weird for him, due to Matthew. They agree to meet for ice-cream in an hour.

Matthew and Michelle join Destiny and Jeffrey at the coffeehouse. They listen to Nora's radio show, as the woman talks about working night and day to take care of her child. The woman loves her husband, but they were young and didn't plan to have a child. Destiny and Matthew make eye contact and smile. Destiny and Jeffrey leave.

Blair and Tea argue over Victor at Todd's suite. Tea wants to tell the kids the truth. Todd refuses. After Tea leaves Todd thanks Blair for backing him up.

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Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Dorian doesn't think some people should be allowed to break the law and get away with it.

Nora tells Bo what Viki did might not exactly be kosher.

Viki asks Clint if he's keeping anything from her.

Arturo puts a scarf around Dani's neck.

Jeffrey reads a note. Matthew wonders what it says.

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