Poetry And Rhythm Can Blow Your Mind.

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Kate kisses Jack, Dorian makes an observation, and Tea argues with Blair and Todd.

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Michelle shows up at Matthew's with some muffins, a peace offering before she leaves for Toronto. Matthew convinces her to go to Shelter.

Nora and Viki talk at Shelter about what Clint's done to Natalie. Viki asks what advice Nora would give her if she called in to her radio show. Dorian walks in as Nora and Viki laugh and agree to enjoy their dinner together, stress free. Dorian wonders why Viki's so happy. Rama happily approaches David and talks about their film, which irks Dorian. After David shoos Rama away, he reminds Dorian that his wife is too good to be his leading lady. Dorian joins Viki and Nora and tells Viki she's sorry for her loss - all the money she's going to lose in the Pellegrino collapse. Dorian is stunned Viki hasn't lost a dime. Viki suggests she get multiple sources next time. Nora nods and points out David and Rama's chemistry. Dorian marches over to Rama and David and angrily announces her departure. When Bo arrives, Cutter hands him a receipt from the other night. "Jason Murray," Bo reads. "That's your man," Cutter replies.

Tea and Blair argue over Victor in Todd's suite. Todd insists the only way to protect their kids is to fake Victor's death. Blair agrees with Todd, who comments that she's the only one who's ever understood him. Tea agrees to help them but demands they do this right. They need to prove to the people after them that Victor is really dead. They need his DNA. Todd's his twin and has an idea. They leave.

Outside the coffeehouse, Natalie and Destiny agree not to talk about their kids and to just relax. They talk about things they've always wanted to do. Destiny wants a tattoo, so does Natalie. They leave. Blair and Tea appear and discuss Dani's overdose and Brianna's death. "Todd's plan has got to work," Blair says.

Jack stares at Kate in English class, as she asks him in front of the class what his favorite workout song is. She tries to teach how poetry and rhythm can blow your mind. Kate keeps Jack after class. He's uncomfortable and suggests transferring classes. Kate kisses him.

Destiny and Natalie enter a tattoo shop. Destiny goes first and gets a butterfly. After Destiny is done, the man tells her no peeking for six hours. He gets a call from Todd and has to close shop. Once the girls leave, he talks to Todd, who asks him to replicate the tattoo he's about to send him. It's Victor's.

Destiny walks into Viki's office and asks Jeffrey on a double date.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Clint asks for Natalie's forgiveness.

Blair defends Todd to Tea.

Jeffrey is confused by Destiny's offer.

Nikki wonders how she can help Cutter.

Dani meets Michelle.

David assures Rama he can handle Dorian.

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