Why All The Lies?

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Michelle explains, Clint has good news, and a memorial is held.

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Tea shows Blair Victor's text at the mansion and worries she's caused more trouble for him. Todd calls and asks them to meet.

Blair and Tea arrive at Todd's suite. When Todd arrives, Tea attacks him and demands to know what he did to Victor. Victor's gone, and Robert is dead. Todd hands Tea Victor's coat, as she accuses him of killing Victor. Tea receives a text from Victor, saying goodbye. Todd suggests they fake Victor's death in order to find the people after him.

In a room, Jack apologizes to the girl for their sex not lasting longer. They have sex again. Afterwards, she introduces herself as Kate. Does she always pick up guys like this? Kate claims this is the first time, as Jack almost reveals he was a virgin. Jack notices the time and has to leave. His mom's going to kill him! He backtracks, trying to act older, and gets Kate's number.

Bo arrives at Shelter for Brianna's memorial. Dani walks in with some friends and hears Arturo, Brianna's sugar daddy, is holding the party to celebrate her life. Rama talks about seeing Brianna the night she died with her sugar daddy and is shocked when she sees Arturo isn't the guy Brianna was with. Dani convinces Rama to tell Bo. Arturo begins the memorial by expressing what joy Brianna brought to his life. Dani speaks next about how hard Brianna worked in law school. Later, Arturo talks to Dani and can't believe Brianna sold drugs to her. He thought he'd given her everything she wanted.

Jack takes a seat in English class and is shocked to see Kate is his summer school teacher.

Matthew and Jeffrey listen at the coffeehouse as Michelle explains how she came to contact them. She's lived across the street from them the whole time. "Why all the lies?" Jeffrey asks. Michelle is really from Toronto, where her cell is registered, and begs for Matthew's forgiveness. Jeffrey doesn't feel sorry for Michelle, but Matthew says, "Maybe we can start over." He agrees to call her when she returns from a trip to Toronto. Jeffrey privately warns Michelle to stop screwing with Matthew's head.

At Llanfair, Clint tells Viki he got her money back and Frank deposited five million dollars in her account. Viki checks and confirms that the money is there. He wants a hug of thanks, but Viki worries this is a ponzi scheme. Clint admits Frank couldn't get her money invested in the Pellegrino Fund in time. The fund was already frozen.

Monday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Dorian sees Viki extremely happy.

Jack suggests to Kate that he transfer classes.

Destiny asks Jeffrey for a favor.

Todd says Blair's the only person who ever understood him.

Michelle arrives at Matthew's.

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