Stranger Danger.

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Victor is located, Jeffrey sets up a meeting, and Jack is seduced.

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Todd gets a call that Victor's been found at a motel in Willow Lake. Todd orders Robert not to let Victor leave The Pines Inn or kill him before he gets there.

Before Jack leaves the mansion, Blair urges him to be careful. "I know," Jack says. "Stranger danger." He brings up Todd and hopes Blair isn't going to get back together with him. After Jack leaves, Blair gets a call from Todd, who updates her on Victor's whereabouts.

Tea's happy to find Dani lying on her couch. Dani talks about Brianna's death. Tea's stunned to hear Brianna sold Dani the drugs. Dani knows she could've been in a morgue like Brianna. Tea takes a call from Blair. Todd found Victor exactly where Tea said he'd be. Tea doesn't tell Dani but begs her to be careful. There are dangerous people out there. After Dani leaves, Tea receives a text from Victor. Only Tea would've known where to find him. He orders her to call off the dogs - for his sake.

Natalie brings Brianna's autopsy report into Bo's office. Bo reads that she died of heart failure. Later, an older man named Arturo Bandini arrives. He admits he was romantic with Brianna and paid all of her bills. Arturo is confused to hear Brianna died of an overdose. She would never do drugs or sell them, and he has no idea who would've wanted her dead. After Arturo leaves, Bo calls Blair, who arrives shortly. They talk about Brianna's death, and Blair admits Arturo rented Shelter for a memorial today. After Blair leaves, Natalie tells Bo the pills Brianna and Dani took were altered in the same way. "This officially just became a murder investigation," Bo replies.

At their apartment, Jeffrey tries to convince Matthew to call Michelle since she's in Llanview. Matthew wants nothing to do with her and says, "Lesson learned." Jeffrey privately calls Michelle and orders her to make things right with Matthew. Later, Jeffrey informs Matthew that Michelle's meeting them at the coffeehouse.

Jack notices an older woman smiling at him at the coffeehouse. He looks away then back at her, but she's gone. She appears over his shoulder, takes his laptop and walks out the door. Jack follows. Outside, Shaun gives Destiny money and wishes Matthew would help out more. Destiny thinks things are getting better. He's impressed to hear Destiny's thinking about dating. Later, Matthew and Jeffrey arrive and are surprised to see Michelle walk into the coffeehouse.

The older woman and Jack arrive in a room and begin kissing and taking off their clothes.

Todd finds Robert knocked out at The Pines Inn and screams out the window, "Victor!"

Thursday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Jack and the mystery woman are in bed.

Rama sees Arturo and realizes he wasn't the older guy who they all saw Brianna kissing.

Bo talks to Nikki at Shelter.

Michelle approaches Matthew.

Clint thinks Viki will be thanking him.

Tea attacks Todd and demands to know what he did to Victor.

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- Amy Mistretta

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