The Place Is Called Willow Lake.

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Tea shares information, Michelle calls, and Natalie has a setback...

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Clint tries to reassure Viki about The Banner at Llanfair. He wishes she would've accepted his money. Viki can't stand to look at Clint. After Clint gets through to Frank, he tries to justify what he did to Natalie and brings up their wedding. Viki orders Clint to leave.

At Dorian's, Frank warns her not to play him like this again. He didn't tell anyone that she tipped him off about the fund and says people have lost money. In the other room, Tea tells Blair and Todd she remembers Victor talking about a retreat in the Catskills. Todd knows a guy, Robert, who can find anyone and assures Tea he doesn't want to kill Victor. "The place is called Willow Lake," Tea reveals. When Jack, Sam and Dorian appear, Blair orders Dorian to make sure the boys don't leave then heads out with Todd and Tea. Dorian looks at an article about the Pellegrino Fund collapsing and laughs about revenge. Later, Shaun appears with Jack and Sam, who he caught climbing down the trellis.

At her apartment, Natalie vents to Destiny about what Clint did. She thought she was moving on but now feels as though she's losing everything all over again. She brings up John cheating on her with Sam. Destiny suggests it's time Natalie moved on. Natalie admits she's digging Cutter. They agree to ask Cutter and Jeffrey to go on a double date.

Todd and Blair enter his suite. He tells Blair he'd like to take her to dinner sometime then makes a brief call. Todd insists he's not trying to kill Victor. Blair's glad Todd's there. He promises not to let anything happen to the kids. After Blair leaves, Todd calls Robert back with a change of plans. He wants Robert to call him when he finds Victor and says, "Before we kill him."

Bo tells Matthew, Jeffrey and Dani about Brianna's death at their apartment. Later, home alone, Jeffrey answers Matthew's cell. It's Michelle, who refuses to give Jeffrey answers about playing Matthew.

At Shelter, Bo tells Cutter Brianna's dead. He warns Narcs are going to be watching the club. After Bo leaves, Bruce whispers that he has Cutter covered with the narcotics division. Dusky convinces Cutter to give her a shot before she performs. Dani and Matthew arrive and tell Rama that Brianna, the girl who'd been hanging around with the old guy there, is dead.

Matthew returns home, as a car alarm goes off outside. Jeffrey hands over Matthew's cell and explains how he heard the car alarm through his phone. It's Michelle on the other line, and she must be here in Llanview.

Tuesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Blair tells Tea Todd's guy found Victor.

Todd screams after Victor.

Jack asks Blair to promise that she won't get back together with Todd.

Jeffrey tells Michelle to meet them at the coffeehouse.

Destiny and Shaun talk about Matthew.

Natalie gives Bo the autopsy report on Brianna.

Jack makes eye contact with an older woman at the coffeehouse.

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- Amy Mistretta

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