This Looks Like A Hitlist.

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Blair alerts Tea, Natalie accuses Clint, and Bo has news for Dani.

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At Shelter's crime scene, Cutter tells Bo he only knows what Blair told him about the gunfire. Bo gets a call then relays that the drugs Dani overdosed on contained four times the strength of a normal pill. Dani could've died.

Jeffrey finds Destiny asleep in Viki's office. She wakes up embarrassed and can see Jeffrey's upset. He admits Viki's whole world has fallen apart. She just doesn't know it yet. He talks about Viki's investment and how the same fund just collapsed. Jeffrey's glad Destiny is there to talk to and asks her to have coffee.

Jack joins Dani at the coffeehouse and rants about Todd. Over talk of Shelter Dani makes Jack promise never to do drugs. Jack agrees not to then brings up summer school and how he'll get to hang out with all of the bad girls. He teases Dani about living with guys then realizes she has feelings for Matthew. After Jack leaves, Bo appears and tells Dani about the drugs. He thinks someone wanted her to die. Reluctantly, Dani gives Bo the name of the student who sold her the drugs, Brianna Marland. Bo makes a call. Jeffrey and Destiny arrive outside and talk about loyalty.

At Llanfair, Viki tells Clint she hopes he had nothing to do with the restraining order and letter to John. Natalie appears and says John's supervisor called. He's been assigned to an undercover case and is unreachable. She vents about their situation and accuses Clint of being behind it. He admits it and calls John a cheat! In tears, Natalie vows to never forgive Clint and storms out. Viki's furious. Jeffrey appears and tells Viki the Pellegrino Fund has collapsed. While Clint calls Frank for an explanation, Jeffrey tries to comfort Viki. She urges him to go write the story. It may be their last.

At Tea's, Blair shows her the strange notes Todd received. "This looks like a hitlist," Tea says. They are all people Victor cares about. Blair talks about the gunfire and worries who's going to be next. She pleads with Tea to help them find Victor, so he can help Todd bring the bad guys down. Tea thinks Victor was tortured and admits he left her some messages. They were untraceable.

Matthew arrives outside of Michelle's family's estate in Toronto. He contemplates what to say then rings the doorbell. When a woman answers he's stunned to hear she's never heard of Michelle McCall. Matthew drives down the road and leaves a message for Michelle about how she played him. He takes a call from Dani and admits Michelle was one big lie.

Thursday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Viki screams that Clint has ripped through all of their lives.

Dorian makes sure she's covered.

Bo tells Cutter that Brianna Marland is dead.

Nikki overhears Dani talking about the drugs she took.

Tea tells Todd she may know where Victor is.

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