The Nightbird's On Her Perch.

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Nora receives a surprising caller, Blair gets the truth, and David reassures Dorian.

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As the gunman drives away from Shelter, Todd's relieved that neither he nor Blair is shot. She storms into the club and tells Cutter what happened. Todd describes the shooter's gray sedan. Blair fears for everyone's safety and closes the club. She wants to call the cops, but Todd convinces her to leave with him. He needs to prove to Blair that everything that's happened is connected to her and the kids. Bruce, the off-duty cop, assures Cutter that what happened wasn't mob connected. After Bruce leaves, a cop approaches Cutter due to a report of shots fired.

Todd shows Blair the secret room in his suite. He talks about Victor's dangerous involvement and shows her the hidden cameras he's placed throughout Llanview. Blair looks at the card containing the names of their kids. Todd thinks someone was trying to hurt Dani the night she overdosed. He shows Blair the other note, ordering him to kill Victor. He plans to kill Victor in order to protect everyone he loves. Blair's scared but agrees to use Tea to help Todd find Victor.

David and Dorian discuss Matthew and Destiny at the coffeehouse. David thinks they'll get back together and says, "Nothing connects you like a kid does." Dorian expresses her sadness that she and David can never have a child together. "We have material possessions to hold us together," David says and assures Dorian he'll never leave her for a younger, child-bearing woman.

At their apartment, Matthew tells Dani and Jeffrey that Michelle's parents have her on lockdown since her brother's death. They look up her address online and see a beautiful house. Matthew shares that her father's in pharmaceuticals and talks about visiting Michelle. They turn the radio on and hear The Nightbird.

From the loft The Nightbird, Nora, welcomes listeners to call in. In response to her first caller Nora says, "Go Ahead… The Nightbird's on her perch." She gives advice to a woman who wants to get rid of a family member who's overstayed her welcome. Later, Matthew calls in and complains about his parents. He loves them, but they're making it hard due to their trust issues. Nora and Bo look at each other, having gotten the message. The Nightbird advises that Matthew tell them to butt out of his life. Matthew tells 'The Nightbird' her kids are lucky to have her for a mom. After the show, Bo praises Nora for her excellent advice.

Back at the apartment, Dani and Jeffrey commend Matthew on how he handled his mom. They convince him to go surprise Michelle now.

Tuesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Matthew arrives outside of Michelle's house.

Natalie screams at Clint, wondering who would be so devious as to file a restraining order against John in her name.

Bo tells Dani that someone wanted her to OD.

Blair begs Tea to help them find Victor

Jeffrey confides in Destiny that Viki's whole world is about to fall apart. She just doesn't know it yet.

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- Amy Mistretta

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