This Tastes Like Being On Ecstasy.

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Natalie is served, Bo and Nora try to fix things, and a shot is fired.

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Natalie takes a drink of coffee at the coffeehouse and says, "This tastes like being on ecstasy." She assures a nearby couple it's just a figure of speech. As she walks outside a man serves her. Distraught, Natalie calls Tea, who arrives shortly. Tea looks at the papers and can't believe John is suing for negligence, claiming Natalie has kept Liam from him. She hugs Natalie and promises it's going to be okay.

Matthew brings his laundry to the loft and looks forward to eating lasagna. Bo hands Matthew a beer. When Destiny arrives, she and Matthew feel set up. Drew's home sick with a sitter, which leaves Matthew questioning Destiny's parenting. Matthew privately calls David for help. Soon, David and Dorian arrive, leaving Bo and Nora stunned to hear that Matthew called them. Later, Matthew and Destiny reconnect over old times. After dinner, Matthew sees a missed call from Michelle and leaves. Everyone else does as well. Bo prepares Nora for her first radio talk show and points to the laptop, queuing that she's live on-air.

Blair welcomes Clint and Viki to Shelter. After Blair leaves with their order, Clint reassures Viki that her money is safe. Jeffrey rushes in and talks about a successful blogger. If Viki gives Jeffrey a chance he can bring readers to The Banner. Viki agrees to it, and Jeffrey leaves to get started. Natalie appears and fills her parents in on John's actions. Tea calls. Natalie denies John's lawyer's claims that she wrote him a Dear John letter and threatened him with a restraining order. Natalie leaves John a message to call her. Cutter can see that she's distracted and asks Natalie to call him if she ever wants to become undistracted. Cutter joins Blair and asks to use her office in order to interview some girls. Once she knows he's on the up and up she agrees. Talk turns to tonight's entertainment and Blair asks, "What is break beat?" Cutter promises to tell her later and rushes off. Todd appears and tells Blair Victor is connected to whoever cut the club's power. He begs Blair to trust him and is adamant that the safety of their children depends on it. As they walk outside, someone fires a shot from the bushes. Todd tries to shield Blair as they fall to the ground.

Thursday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Todd comforts Blair.

Bo laughs as Nora takes her first caller.

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- Amy Mistretta

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