I'll Just Call Her Hotness.

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Sam stuns Dorian, Snoop gives Matthew advice, and Vimal makes a choice.

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At the mansion, Jack edits David's footage of Rama. Jack doesn't need her name and prefers to call her 'hotness'. Dorian appears and asks who she is. "I don't need her name," Sam replies. "I'll just call her hotness." Dorian shoos Sam off to do homework and scolds David for working too much. She suggests, due to her celebrity status, that she's just what David's show needs and says, "Say hello to your leading lady." David isn't so sure and reminds Dorian that politics and reality shows are very different. She's not easily disregarded and tells David to think about it.

Rama tries to romance Vimal at home, but he has a date. He reminds her their open marriage was her idea, and she's already been on a few dates. Vimal never wanted this but turns to leave regardless. Rama brings up their wedding night, and Vimal cancels his date and takes Rama to bed. Later, he assures Rama of how happy he is to be married to her.

Snoop signs a poster of "Reincarnated" for Dani at the apartment. He asks for time alone with Matthew and brings up him being a father. Snoop lights a cigar and tells Matthew a real man doesn't run or reject his blood. He's not there to lecture Matthew but rather to warn him about the regrets of not raising his son to be a man and not being a man himself. It's not too late for Matthew. He still has time before he's a full-blown deadbeat dad. "I know you're going to do the right thing," Snoop says and leaves. Dani and Jeffrey appear, upset to see Snoop gone. They all decide on a place to hang Snoop's signed poster.

Nora storms into Bo's office with an 'Ask Nora' flyer that Bo made. She reminds him her image was supposed to be anonymous. Bo already has all of the social media set up and isn't worried about her getting fired from the DA's office. He only wants her to be happy and talks about the sparkle in her eye every time she talks about her old advice show. Nora agrees to do one night of anonymous advice as The Nightbird. Bo briefly takes a call about the lack of progress on finding a match for the strange tattoo. After Bo hangs up, he gives Nora a pep talk about her upcoming show.

Todd looks around his suite then opens the envelope marked with the tattoo symbol. It contains a list of names: Dani, Jack, Starr, Sam, Blair, Viki, Tea and Natalie.

Tuesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Tea hears about John's latest actions and tells Natalie a custody fight is very unlike him.

Jeffrey tells Viki and Clint something's wrong at The Banner.

Nora goes on-air as The Nightbird.

Todd begs Blair to trust him, as a shot is fired.

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