You're A Sorry Loser.

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Destiny snaps at Matthew, Victor makes contact and Todd confirms Cutter's suspicions.

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Matthew looks at his 'to-do list' for work at the coffeehouse. When Destiny appears he apologizes for not being home to watch Drew. "You're a sorry loser, Matthew." He buys her and Drew a drink and gets irritated when Drew spills juice on his pants. Destiny calls Matthew a failure as a father. Nora appears, and quickly sneaks out, as Matthew buys Drew another juice. She watches, from outside, as Matthew holds Drew. Later, Destiny invites Matthew to dinner. He doesn't think it's a good idea and gets called away for work.

Jeffrey arrives at Llanfair and tells Viki and Clint a huge hedge fund is about to be shut down. He's not sure which one but shows them four possible candidates, one being the Pellegrino Fund. Clint and Viki listen to the list of crimes surrounding the fund, which includes money laundering. After Jeffrey leaves, Clint warns they need to get Viki's money out of the Pellegrino Fund.

At the mansion, David praises Dorian on her first blog. Dorian wants to change her image and decides to treat herself at a public spa.

Cutter tells Blair at Shelter that the blackout wasn't an accident. Todd appears and confirms that someone cut the power. Cutter thinks it could be mob related, due to the drugs and Dani's overdose, but vows he's not selling drugs at the club. Blair wants to call the cops, but Cutter assures her he and Bruce will handle it. Todd calls Dani and makes plans to meet at a place of her choice.

Dani and Todd get manicures at a spa. She's stunned to hear Todd believes her and that there's a possibility that she didn't overdose. Todd privately calls Bo and tells him to get the drugs tested. Bo claims he threw them away. Dorian appears and trades barbs with Todd.

Tea receives an instant message from Victor at home. He apologizes for ruining the stuffed giraffe but won't tell her where he is. She urges him to turn himself in and promises the cops will protect him. The conversation dies.

At the station, Tea shows Bo the recent instant messages from Victor. Bo finds out the IP is untraceable. Tea knows it must have been Victor, due to the giraffe reference. Bo worries Victor didn't message her on his own free will. Tea refuses to leave her computer and storms out. Bo opens a drawer and looks at the drugs from Shelter.

At home Tea reaches out to Victor, who doesn't reply.

Matthew finds Jeffrey at home. Snoop arrives and has Jeffrey star-struck. Dani appears and is stunned as well.

Todd goes home and finds a letter stamped with the strange tattoo.

Thursday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Sam surprises Dorian with talk about girls.

Snoop gives Matthew advice.

Rama wants to spend time with Vimal on her night off, but he has a date.

Nora shows Bo an 'Ask Nora' flyer and wonders if he's trying to get her fired.

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- Amy Mistretta

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