Whatever Happened To Get A Room?

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Drama occurs at Shelter, Bo gives Clint a warning, and Jeffrey stumbles upon something.

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Bo, Nora, David, Clint and Leo play poker at the loft. Nora irritates Bo when she expects him to share his chips. While playing various drinking games, talk turns to Matthew, which leads Bo and Clint to argue over his responsibilities to Drew. If Matthew were Clint's son, he'd had handled him differently. Bo warns Clint to stay out of his son's business. After everyone leaves, Snoop arrives. Bo's upset due to Clint implying he's a bad father and wonders if he's right. Snoop objects and reminds Bo that Matthew's a man now. He promises to pay Matthew a visit tomorrow.

After Jeffrey takes a call from Viki at their apartment Dani's upset to hear he has to leave. Matthew has over-the-phone plans with Michelle and can't go to Shelter with Dani either. Dani calls Matthew a jerk but soon apologizes. Matthew wishes she would lay off and expresses how much he likes Michelle. She knows him like no one else. Dani leaves, and Matthew and Michelle share small talk.

Jeffrey can't get Viki's internet to work at Llanfair. On his way out he notices a file on the Pellegrino account and appears confused.

Nikki and Rama watch the older man and younger girl making out at Shelter. Blair appears and asks, "Whatever happened to get a room?" Cutter joins Natalie, who thinks he's still a conman. Nikki listens as Cutter promises to prove Natalie wrong and assures her there's nothing illegal going on at the club. Though they start dancing, Cutter has to take care of something and leaves her dancing with Bruce, the off duty cop. Natalie asks Bruce if Cutter hired him to watch over the place or to look the other way. The two feuding DJs arrive and argue over who's opening for whom. Natalie watches as one of Cutter's workers slips one of the DJs a packet. Todd orders a drink at the bar and sees Dani dancing. Blair stops him from approaching Dani, who just turned down the opportunity to get high. When the power goes out the entertainment leaves. Blair worries everyone else will too. Todd forces Dani to sit down until the power comes back on then introduces Blair as the entertainment. People dance as Blair sings "No Regrets" to Todd. It's clear Blair knows Todd's leaving and tells him through her song that she has no regrets where he's concerned. Cutter finds Natalie, pushes her against a wall and kisses her passionately. Todd heads outside and sees that someone cut the wires in the electrical box.

Tuesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Bo urges Tea to tell him everything surrounding Victor.

Todd tells Blair and Cutter that someone cut their power.

Dani comes home and finds Snoop with Matthew.

Jeffrey tells Viki he's found their next big story.

Dorian joins Todd and Dani at a salon.

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