Meat Is Murder.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Bo has questions, John calls Natalie, and Todd barges in.

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At The Banner, Viki wonders how Destiny manages work and Drew and asks, "What about Matthew?" After Destiny leaves Clint appears with suggestions for Viki. She reminds him The Banner is hers and tells Clint to butt out. He warns Viki if she wants to save the newspaper she needs to get aggressive.

Nora and Drew join Bo at the loft. He wonders why she didn't call Matthew when Drew kept waking up throughout the night and says, "I want to know when Matthew's going to be a father to his son?" She warns they need to help Matthew find out what he really wants where Drew is concerned. Destiny arrives and turns down Bo's offer of financial support. She knows Matthew doesn't love her and is dealing with living on her own.

Dani watches Matthew work out at home and fantasizes kissing him passionately. The toaster pops up with burnt toast and brings her out of her daydream. Jeffrey appears, as Matthew admits he hasn't heard from Michelle. Dani jokes that she probably dumped Matthew. After Jeffrey leaves for work, and Matthew heads to the shower, Dani looks at Matthew and Michelle's instant messages and realizes he's been lying about his hobbies. She quickly closes the laptop until Matthew leaves for work.

Cutter talks to his friend at the coffeehouse about an upcoming surprise at Shelter. Natalie appears and brings up their date. He totally forgot they were suppose to get together on Thursday and has to work. After they make plans for Sunday, Natalie shares her plans with Viki by phone. Since Natalie hasn't heard from John, Viki urges her to go for it. On Natalie's way out, she sees a missed call from John. Later, Clint joins Jeffery and praises him for his work at The Banner. They discuss ideas to help the newspaper.

Jeffrey joins Viki at The Banner with his ideas to go digital. Clint appears, and Jeffery brings up Clint's ideas. Viki asks for a moment with Clint then seethes at him for butting in again. She warns him to stay out of her business and realizes taking a loan from Clint was a bad idea.

Todd barges into the mansion and insists on talking to Jack about Victor. Jack looks at Victor as his dad and at Todd as a stranger and screams, "I don't want to talk to you!" Todd tries to hand Jack breakfast, who replies, "Meat is murder. Something you should know a lot about." Todd privately asks Blair to help him get through to Jack. Blair tries to mediate another conversation between Todd and Jack, but Jack demands that Todd leave him alone - now!

Tuesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Snoop pays Bo a visit.

Destiny drops Drew off with Matthew, but Jeffrey relays that he already left and went running with Dani.

Matthew tells Dani he has nothing waiting for him at home.

Cutter warns a Shelter worker his singer is there to sing - not to date the hired hands.

Natalie tells Viki she got a call from John.

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