Don't Think, Just Drink.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Viki struggles, Cutter flirts and Tea has information.

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At the station, Bo admits to Todd that his accusations against Victor are starting to add up. Todd sees the tattoo picture and recognizes it as Victor's. Tea arrives with a file and insists Todd leave. Once alone, Tea shows Bo her computer history and admits Victor was trying to kill Todd. Todd listens from outside the office, hears about the dead guy with the tattoo and leaves. Tea shares with Bo her impression that Victor had been tortured. If Victor's found, Bo will have to arrest him. Tea's fine with that, at least then he'll be safe.

At Llanfair, Viki tells Clint she can't marry him now, not with all the family problems surrounding them. Clint's disappointed but understands. He spots a list of people Viki was told to fire in order to cut costs. Viki can't bring herself to let go of people who have been with them for years. Clint knows Viki won't accept his money and urges her to accept a bridge loan from Buchanan Enterprises. Viki reluctantly agrees. When Todd arrives, Viki gives him advice on how to handle Jack. Later, Clint and Viki argue over Todd and Jack. Viki demands Clint show some effort, but he has his hands full trying to turn Matthew into a standup guy.

Dorian finishes up a call at the mansion then invites Blair, David and Jack to dinner. Jack adamantly refuses to go.

Cutter agrees to give Rama a reward if she moves a ton of Dom at Shelter. When Natalie and Destiny arrive, Natalie isn't sure she's up to partying. "Don't think, just drink," Destiny urges her. After some dancing, Destiny has to head home. Cutter asks Natalie to save him a dance and comments on all of her pent up energy. Natalie has to get home to Liam but agrees to meet Cutter for a date on Thursday. David and Leo arrive, which leaves Rama starstruck by 'Vicker Man'. Over talk of David's past movie, Rama accepts an unpaid part in David's new show.

Dani hands out drinks to the guys at home. Matthew worries because he hasn't heard from Michelle and talks about all of the things she confided in him. Jeffrey warns not to believe anything Michelle said until he has confirmation. Matthew thinks what he has with Michelle is real. Jeffery urges Matthew to look into Michelle's background. Just as Dani trips and spills dinner, Michelle calls.

From his suite, Todd watches monitors from cameras placed at the mansion, Tea's nursery, Dani's apartment and Llanfair. He looks at the card with the strange symbol, like Victor's tattoo, that reads, "Victor is alive. Finish what you started or else."

Thursday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Bo tells Nora Drew needs his father.

Natalie tells Cutter in some countries it's bad luck to see a girl before a date.

Viki warns Clint that The Banner is her newspaper.

Jack demands that Todd leave him alone.

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- Amy Mistretta

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