That's Why God Gave Me Nigel.

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Clint and Viki make plans, Vimal gets advice, and Tea helps Bo and Natalie.

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Dani watches Tea packing up the nursery at home. Over talk of Victor, Tea begs Dani not to worry about her. Bo calls and asks Tea to meet him. He claims Todd's story is true. Once Tea hangs up, Dani reminds Tea how weird Victor was acting before he left.

Natalie goes over a John Doe case with Bo at the station. As they look at a photo of the tattoo found on the body, Tea appears and asks, "Why do you have a picture of Victor's arm?" She explains that Victor wouldn't reveal info about the tattoo but hands over his handkerchief so Natalie can compare his DNA with any found on the body.

Matthew appears sexually frustrated at the apartment. He goes online to talk to Michelle, who soon calls. Dani appears, and Matthew hangs up. She can tell things are getting serious with Michelle. He wonders what's wrong. Dani thinks her dads are trying to kill each other again. Matthew reassures her with calming words.

Destiny leaves Drew at the loft with Nora. She feels like a charity case when Nora gives her and Drew gifts. Nora reminds Destiny they're family. They bond over some of Matthew's childhood keepsakes. Destiny agrees to keep them for Drew.

David approaches Vimal at the coffeehouse and asks about his marriage. Leo tapes them as Vimal admits he and Rama have an open marriage. Cutter overhears and sees how upset Vimal is. They all agree Vimal should have Rama see him with someone else.

Todd goes to the mansion and thanks Jack for saving his life. They argue over Victor, as Todd tries to convince Jack how much he cares about him. "You didn't let me die," Todd says. "That counts for something." Jack wishes he had.

At Llanfair, Clint gives Viki tickets to Paris and wants to get married tonight. She doesn't want a quickie wedding, but Clint wonders what they're waiting for and claims he has everything all set. Viki brings up not having a witness. "That's why God gave me Nigel," Clint replies. Viki agrees to marry him tonight. Jack appears and worries about how Todd and Victor are always trying to kill each other. He fears the bad traits are in his DNA. Viki reassures Jack that both men love him and are trying to work out their problems.

Natalie arrives at Tea's to relay Victor's DNA was found on the dead body. After Natalie leaves, Tea looks at the history on her laptop and finds Victor's searches for how to kill with arsenic.

Someone wearing the same clothes as Todd enters a room and looks at the monitors of the hidden cameras throughout Llanview.

Monday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Tea asks Bo for help.

Two single mothers bond at Shelter.

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- Amy Mistretta

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