Warts And Green Faces And All.

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

David surprises Nora, Bo investigates, and Jeffrey spends time with Destiny.

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David and his cameraman Leo arrive at the loft and catch Nora in a mud mask. David reminds Nora of their appointment and says his audience doesn't just want to see beautiful women. They want to see warts and green faces and all. Nora tries to film a scene but can't due to the hardened face mask. After she promises to reschedule, David and Leo leave. On their way out Leo assures David that he recorded every bit of their time with Nora.

Viki tries to calm Todd at the hospital and wonders what pushed Victor over the edge. A nurse appears with release papers, and Todd signs himself out.

Bo wanders the crime scene at Todd's suite. He doesn't think they'll find Victor's prints and believes Todd is a liar. Todd and Viki appear, but Bo won't allow them in. Todd demands Bo find Victor. Bo reminds Todd how he tried to kill Victor before. Did he do it again and simply stage otherwise? Todd suggests Bo check his scotch bottle and relays what Victor said about poisoning its contents.

Natalie gives Bo the report on Todd's scotch at the station. So far no evidence of Victor's prints were found nor any signs of poisoning. She wonders if Todd's telling the truth. Bo doesn't think so and says, "Science doesn't lie." Later, Natalie tells Bo she found arsenic on the decanter stopper and admits, "Looks like Todd was telling the truth."

Jeffrey runs into Destiny and Drew at the coffeehouse. She offers to give him his space, but Jeffrey insists they stay. Viki and Clint appear, talking about the Pellegrino account. Clint suddenly worries about the risk, but Viki wants to take a chance on investing. They briefly say hi to Jeffrey and Destiny. Jeffrey convinces Destiny to go home with him in order for Matthew to spend some time with Drew.

Dani catches Matthew at home taking photos of himself to post online for Michelle. She offers to help him out and playfully rubs lotion on him. Matthew poses as Dani snaps several shots. Jeffrey and Destiny arrive and catch Dani sitting on top of Matthew. They insist Dani was just trying to get a close-up shot, but Destiny leaves in tears.

Blair reams Cutter out at Shelter for giving away her booze. He asks Blair to trust him and defends Nikki, who Blair thinks could be trouble. Cutter assures her they're going to make a ton of money. Todd arrives and tries to convince Blair that Victor poisoned and strangled him. Blair pushes him to leave.

Thursday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

A realization startles Tea.

Clint and Viki discuss their future.

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- Amy Mistretta

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