In Bed, Maybe.

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Rama reveals something about Cutter, a drinking game is played, and Victor visits Todd.

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Cutter buys Natalie a drink at Shelter and introduces her to his bartender Nikki, who created a drink after him. They taste it and find the drink to be awful. Rama appears and gets reacquainted with Natalie. Over talk of Cutter being a good guy Rama says, "In bed, maybe." She's heard stories. When Blair arrives Cutter tells her he's still waiting for the new singer to arrive. Nikki assures Blair their drinking patrons are legal. Natalie and Blair catch up on their kids and the club. Nikki rolls her eyes as Blair praises Cutter. An underage girl appears and trashes Rama to Blair. Blair realizes she's Cutter's singer and introduces herself as the owner. "Whether you sing here or not you won't be drinking here," Blair warns. Later, Cutter snaps at Nikki for not serving his singer. Nikki doesn't appreciate Cutter sleeping with her then rubbing all these girls in her face. His singer auditions live and impresses everyone. Blair hires her.

Matthew gets Drew asleep at home and apologizes to Jeffrey for arguing. Dani joins them and answers Jeffrey's questions about her many fathers. They pour shots and toast to dads. Mixing shots and Red Bull they play a drinking game, strip truth or dare. Dani's shirt comes off, Matthew's pants follow and Jeffrey's shirt is shed next. Matthew dares Dani to kiss him, and she does. They stare at each other then declare it will never happen again.

Victor enters Todd's suite and wants to make a truce for real. He accepts a drink from Todd and toasts to brothers and kids. Victor has to leave town but can't tell Todd why. "I should've killed you when I had the chance," Todd replies, furious Victor is turning his back on the kids. "I will never be your family." Victor punches Todd in the throat and admits he had put arsenic in his scotch. He strangles Todd until he falls to the ground. "I hope you burn in hell, Brother," Victor says and leaves. Later, Jack arrives with a friend, sees Todd and screams, "Call 911!"

Tea cries at home and remembers making love to Victor. She enters the nursery, sees the mangled giraffe and wonders what happened.

Wednesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Bo and Natalie set out to find the truth.

Matthew is caught in a compromising situation.

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- Amy Mistretta

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