The Less You Know The Better.

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Matthew has visitors, Viki questions Todd, and Victor says goodbye.

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Victor returns home and finds Tea upset over Dani. He has to leave town but can't tell her why. "The less you know the better." Tea pushes him, and Victor grabs her back. Tea wants to know who made him this way. He holds her close and refuses to allow Tea to call Bo. Tea's hysterical and doesn't want to lose Victor again. He has business to take care of and admits he never intended to let everyone see him until it was finished. Victor promises if he comes back he’ll never leave her again. He demands Tea trust him and admits these people are dangerous. She insists he say goodbye to the kids.

Dani and Matthew argue over who should answer their door. He relents and finds Density and Drew. Matthew flips when he hears Destiny is dropping off Drew. Jeffrey hits on Destiny, as Dani clarifies she's watching Drew. While Dani gets a call from Tea and has to leave, Jeffrey agrees to watch Drew. "I think I can take care of my own son," Matthew interrupts. He and Density argue over Drew. When Matthew brings up Destiny not having the abortion she slaps him. After some screaming, Destiny leaves. Jeffrey gives Matthew hell for treating Destiny this way. When Drew starts crying, Jeffrey wishes Matthew luck and leaves.

Blair finds David, Jack and Sam with a new gaming system at the mansion. When she hears it's from Todd Blair demands Jack send it back. Jack refuses and thinks Todd owes him for screwing up his life. Tea calls and asks Jack to bring Sam by.

Todd and Viki sit outside the coffeehouse and talk about his truce with Victor. Viki wonders if it's for real. Todd knows his kids are screwed up, and if making peace with Victor helps he's all for it, though he'll never forgive Victor. Viki leaves, and David appears. Todd's happy to hear Jack was thrilled with the gaming system.

Jack, Sam and Dani arrive at Tea's to hear Victor is leaving town. He can't guarantee when he'll be back. He calms Jack, who feels rejected again. Dani rushes into his arms, and Tea, Jack and Sam join in the hug. Victor asks Jack to give Todd a chance. "Never," he replies, and the kids leave. Victor promises to come back to Tea, professes his love, then leaves.

At the mansion, Blair accuses Todd of trying to buy Jack's love. Blair warns it's not that easy and tells Todd, "Your son is you." Later, alone, Jack destroys the gaming system.

Dani returns home and falls into Matthew's arms.

Todd pours a drink at home just as Victor arrives.

Tuesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

A fight breaks out and leads to serious consequences.

Shelter has a new bartender named Nikki.

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- Amy Mistretta

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