I'm Moving In.

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Dani makes plans, Victor is confused, and Viki worries.

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A hidden camera records Clint and Viki at Llanfair. She admits The Banner is doing well but past debt is swallowing up any progress they've made. Viki knows she needs to make the transition from print to digital. Clint suggests she start by cutting staff.

Victor looks confused when Todd arrives at Tea's. Todd admits he feels like crap but wants to get along with Victor. They're brothers. He shares how Jack fell apart when Victor was gone. Todd can't reach Jack. That's why they need to bury their hatred. Victor watches as Todd appears disoriented. They finally shake on getting along for Jack. Victor looks confused after Todd leaves.

Dorian watches her online resignation video at home. Her office belongings are delivered. In the living room, Blair gets a call then questions Jack about skipping school. She brings up Todd, and Jack goes to play videogames on his laptop. Victor arrives and joins Sam and Jack. Blair goes to answer the door to Todd, who relays his deal with Victor. She notices Todd doesn't look well and urges him to give Jack space. Todd looks in on them, makes eye contact with Victor then leaves. Victor gets Jack enthusiastic about school. Blair's glad he's back. Victor kisses Blair on the cheek then leaves.

Dani barges into Matthew's apartment, notices there are three bedrooms and says, "I'm moving in." Jeffrey and Matthew reluctantly agree to it. Dani leaves to pack. After Matthew leaves, Jeffrey gets a call from Viki, who regrets she can't hire him full-time but would love to keep him as a freelancer. Later, Dani returns, as Jeffrey contemplates what to do.

Destiny and baby Drew run into Natalie and Liam at the coffeehouse. Over talk of kids they agree it would be nice to share the experience with 'the other half'. Matthew and Clint appear. Clint tries to get him to hold Drew, but Matthew shies away. On their way out, Clint scolds Matthew for turning his back on Drew. Matthew admits he feels something when he looks at him. Clint warns him to man up now before it's too late.

Clint returns to Llanfair, as Viki gets word The Banner could close in six months. Clint wants to help financially. Jeffrey calls Viki and refuses to desert her. Viki vows to find a way out of this mess.

Matthew returns home and hears a beep on his laptop. He laughs with Jeffrey and says, "You weren't interested," in regard to the friend request they both received. Matthew looks at Michelle's message.

Victor knocks on Todd's door but doesn't answer when he calls out, "Who is it?" Inside, Todd takes another drink of the poisoned alcohol.

Thursday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

A death could occur in town.

Bo urges Nora to return to her roots.

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- Amy Mistretta

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