I'm Not Some Petty Gangster.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Cutter faces his past, Matthew interferes, and Todd collapses.

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Matthew talks to a girl online at home. He hides the conversation when Jeffrey appears and asks him to go out.

Rama gets ready at home then leaves for Shelter. Vimal worries about their open marriage and hopes Rama chooses him in the end.

Cutter introduces the DJ duo Nervo at Shelter. Jamie Franko, an art dealer from Miami, calls out to him. He came to collect his money. Cutter promises to connect with him later then assures Rama he's okay. Cutter rejoins Jamie, who's indulging in two women kissing. Though he gives Jamie an expensive bottle of wine, Jamie demands his money and says, "I'm not some petty gangster." Jamie hits on Rama. She brushes him off. Jamie tells Cutter that one night with Rama will wipe their financial problems away. Cutter tells Jamie Rama isn't for sale then kicks him out. Across the room, Matthew watches Dani dancing with some guy. Jeffrey teases Matthew, as Dani takes off for the VIP room. Matthew follows but isn't allowed in. Jeffrey shows his press pass and gets them in. Matthew tries to drag Dani away, due to the visible drugs. She refuses him. The guy Dani's with doesn't want the drama and has Dani thrown out of VIP. Dani snaps at Matthew and storms off. Destiny drags Matthew to the dance floor. Things get hot and heavy, but Destiny turns him down.

Bo and Nora share a glass of wine at the loft. They reflect on empty nesting and talk about the past. Bo's surprised to hear Nora was a college VJ who gave made-up advice. Bo calls a make-believe hotline and tells 'VJ Nora' he has a thing for a certain late night talk show hostess. His fantasy is to be with her on his office desk or in the backseat of a squad car - handcuffed. They laugh and make love.

Dani arrives home. Tea is furious to hear Dani was at Shelter. Victor agrees with Tea and puts Dani through a sobriety test. Before Dani heads to her room Tea cries, "I love you." Victor holds Tea close. They head to bed. Later, Tea watches Victor sleep.

Matthew returns home and opens his laptop.

Rama finds Vimal asleep at home. She quietly climbs into bed.

Todd pours another drink in his room and downs it. He collapses on the couch.

Wednesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Dorian plots her revenge.

Clint lectures Matthew.

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- Amy Mistretta

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