A Pathetic Husband, Lover And Father.

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Viki and Jeffrey disagree, Tea fills Victor in, and an open marriage is declared.

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At the mansion, Dorian finds out about the investigation against her but refuses to go down without a fight. A reporter calls for an interview. David turns her down, but Dorian agrees to it. The crew soon arrives to prepare for the live interview.

Jeffrey enters Viki's office and informs her that the senate ethics' committee is launching an investigation against Dorian. Jeffrey thinks their story made it happen. Viki wants to make sure Dorian isn't being used as collateral damage. He wonders if Viki really wants to save The Banner. "Don't you get smart with me," she warns. Clint appears, and they all watch Dorian's interview. The reporter reads the quote Dorian said to Viki - about the American public being idiots. Viki almost feels sorry for Dorian. Clint and Jeffrey celebrate.

Back at the mansion, Dorian privately stabs a book and says, "Viki, you are going to pay."

Todd finds Jack at Shelter. He hands Jack a beer and asks for a man-to-man talk. Blair takes the beer from Jack, who walks away. She rants about how Todd left his family. Todd wraps his arms around Blair from behind. She asks him to go back to Port Charles and calls him a pathetic husband, lover and father. Blair comments on him being speechless. "There's nothing to say if it's true," Todd replies.

At the coffeehouse, Vimal and Rama discuss their marriage. Rama loves Vimal but isn't ready to be with one man the rest of her life. Vimal loves her and wants another chance. He can't believe she wants to sleep with other guys now, so she doesn't cheat on him again later.

A cop approaches Cutter outside of Shelter. Dean, Cutter's employee, informs him that the cop is on their side. He wears the uniform only by day. Later, Vimal walks Rama to the club. He stuns her by agreeing to an open marriage - if that's the only way he can keep her. They kiss and express how much they missed each other.

Victor and Tea get intimate at home. She sees the strange symbol tattooed on his arm and asks, "Who did this to you?" He warns her to stop pressing him. Victor wanders into the nursery. Tea tells him about the baby they had while he was gone. Their baby died. Todd delivered him but something was wrong. Tea tearfully relives how Todd switched their dead baby with one that wasn't theirs. Victor holds Tea close and promises Todd is part of their past and won't be part of their future. Once alone, Victor rips the head off of a stuffed giraffe, as a hidden camera tapes his actions.

Monday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Family issues cause arguments.

Todd tries to get through to Blair.

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