Don't Let History Repeat Itself.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Victor warns Todd, Dorian denies Viki, and Bo and Nora reflect.

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Viki stops Todd from going to see Dani at the hospital. Victor's with her. Viki warns Dani needs both of them now. Todd chides Viki about going after Dorian. Viki admits she's really missed Todd and asks about his life. He talks about the high maintenance woman he used to care about. Matthew and Jeff appear. Todd compliments Jeff on The Banner article. Matthew wants to see Dani but agrees to wait. He and Jeff leave. Viki stops Todd from heading to Dani's room. Todd refuses to let Victor crucify him and leaves. In Dani's room, Tea reassures her then says she has a surprise. Victor appears. Dani screams hysterically, "Who are you?" Victor holds her close until Dani wraps her arms around him. She hears Todd carried her out of Shelter. Victor only wants Dani to get better now. Todd barges in, demanding to see his daughter. Victor and Tea try throwing Todd out until Dani screams for them to stop. Victor and Tea give Todd and Dani some time. Todd brings up Dani calling him. She wanted to punch him but was too drunk to drive to Port Charles. When she tries to leave, Todd orders Dani back into bed. She's felt left alone. That's why she does drugs. She brings up Todd stealing babies and shooting his brother. Victor joins Viki in the waiting area. Tea heads to get coffee while Viki brings up Allison. Todd admits he outsmarted her to get away. Viki's happy to have him back but has to leave.

Nora joins Matthew at the coffeehouse and apologizes for doubting him. She hears he's looking for an apartment and admits she'll always worry about him. Matthew hugs her. Nora leaves. Tea appears and warns Matthew he'll live to regret it if he doesn't tell her Dani is doing drugs again. Matthew and Jeff vow to be there for Dani.

Tea returns to the hospital and enters Dani's room with Victor. As Todd walks out, Victor warns him never to go near his family again.

Dorian reads the paper at the mansion with David and Blair. The senators hung her out to dry. Sam joins them, as Dorian brings up Todd being back in town. She warns Blair, "Don't let history repeat itself." After Sam gives David a lesson in texting, Blair sends him off. Dorian makes a call and plans to tell her side of the story. Viki arrives. Dorian laughs when she asks to break the news of Dorian's resignation.

Nora joins Bo at the loft. They talk about the pros and cons of Matthew moving out then kiss.

Thursday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Tea goes through what happened to her baby all over again.

Todd works to make things right with those around him.

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- Amy Mistretta

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