You're Alive.

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Dorian makes demands, Victor defends Tea, and Cutter thinks fast.

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Dorian rants at Viki at Llanfair and demands a retraction. "We have the smoking gun," Viki states, assuring Dorian her reporter can back up their claims. Dorian accuses Viki of wanting to ruin her and leaves. Clint appears as Viki gets word about Dani.

At the hospital, a doctor informs everyone that Dani suffered an overdose. They have to pump her stomach and wonder if anyone knows what Dani took. Tea's furious to hear Matthew knew Dani was taking Oxy. Todd calls Tea a crappy parent. Jack interjects and blames Todd. In Dani's room, a nurse tells Victor he needs to leave. Victor puts his hand on Dani's forehead then hears the commotion out in the waiting area. Victor rushes out of the room, slams Todd against a wall and seethes, "You lay off her." The men engage in a fistfight. Tea pulls Victor aside to give them privacy and cries, "You're alive." Todd killed him. How can he be alive? Victor comforts Tea and assures her Dani will be okay. Victor gets startled when a door slams. Tea calms him and urges Victor to face his family. Viki and Clint arrive back in the waiting room. Matthew whispers to Destiny and Jeff that he's tried Oxy before but didn't like it. He took Dani's stash. Matthew and Destiny argue. Destiny snaps at Jeff to stay out of their business, as Matthew assures Clint he's not taking drugs. Viki fills Jeff in on Dorian's legal threats. He works on his cell to secure their claim against her. In the cafeteria, Todd vows to fight to keep his kids. Blair reminds Todd the kids love Victor and begs him to think before he acts. Back in the waiting area, Victor approaches Jack, who rushes into his arms. He wishes Victor a Happy Birthday and says Dani remembered too. Todd and Blair reappear, as everyone gets word that Dani is going to be okay.

Cutter hollers after his DJ who leaves Shelter saying, "I don't do ODs." When people threaten to leave he enlists Rama's help to keep them there with free shots. Cutter worries about getting blamed for Dani overdosing at his opening. Rama cheers Cutter up with a dance.

At the mansion, Dorian finds David reading evidence against her online. David says Dorian needs to take action and save her own butt. Dorian calls the senator and gets the number of a lawyer. David thinks the senator set Dorian up. She fears for her reputation and admits she's scared. Why did that woman pick her to leak the documents to? David suggests they go for a relaxing walk but finds the press outside.

Wednesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

Todd tries to be there for Dani.

Nora gives Matthew a warning.

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- Amy Mistretta

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