My Son's Alive?

Friday, April 6th, 2007

Todd makes sense of the letter Miles gave him, Vincent is there to comfort Natalie, and Jessica upsets Nash by signing adoption papers for Jamie...

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Over dinner at The Palace, Dorian expresses to Clint how nice it was to make love that afternoon. Just then, Dorian spots Viki across the room and suggests they go say hello to her! Although Clint refuses, Dorian pulls him along and says, "Hello, Viki, are you dining alone?" Suddenly, Dr. Kline arrives and Viki introduces him to Clint and Dorian, then says, "Enjoy your meal." Clint and Dorian leave When Dr. Kline senses the tension between Viki, Clint and Dorian, he thinks she's trying to make Clint jealous and suggests that they give Clint and Dorian a show! However, Viki assures him that she's not, "I'm here because you invited me." Dr. Kline seems pleased and orders a bottle of the best champagne, leans in close, tells Viki he wouldn't mind getting to know her better, then kisses her!


Back at their table, Dorian gloats to Clint that Dr. Kline held onto her hand a bit too long, "He's a womanizer! That guy is going to try to get Viki into bed tonight." After Clint tries to act as though he doesn't care, he asks Dorian to please, for him, stay off the subject of Viki. Just then, Clint turns around to catch Viki and the doctor in a lip lock! With Dorian close behind, Clint marches over and demands to know what's going on! Although Viki and Dr. Kline claim to be having a great time, Dorian insinuates that Viki's doing it to get back at Clint! Viki stands up and screams, "I was having a good time and I wish you two would leave me alone!" Viki storms off After she returns from the bathroom, Viki informs everyone she is leaving alone. Dr. Kline appears to be a bit tipsy.


At the station, Nora tells Antonio and Talia that she's very sorry for snapping on them. As Talia says, "I know you're under a lot of stress," Nora snaps again, "I want this guy caught!" Just then, Talia gets a call and tells Antonio and Nora, "There's been another fire." Talia heads to the latest arson site as Antonio sends a crew to 49 King Street. When Talia returns, she fills Antonio and Nora in, "We were right, it was arson and Vincent Jones is connected."


At the coffeehouse, Vincent tells Natalie that John wasn't good enough for her and tries to cheer her up. Although Natalie tries to leave, Vincent convinces her to have coffee with him. As Vincent instructs Shaun to get two cups of coffee, Natalie says to Vincent, "Get them yourself." While having a pleasant conversation, Vincent gets a call from Antonio summons him to the police station. Natalie goes with him

Todd arrives back home and looks over both the death certificate and the information Miles gave him, "Is this kid dead or alive?" He does some research, then says, "Of course, why didn't I think of that." When he calls Blair and gets her voicemail, Todd runs out of the penthouse.

At Capricorn, Blair holds an ice bag to Cris's head just as Evangeline comes in and asks, "Did you have a fight or is this foreplay?" Blair comments, "The night is still young." When Cris notices Evangeline looks upset, he says, "It's Todd, isn't it?" Evangeline walks away, but watches as Blair and Cris interact. Just then, Todd shows up and talks to Blair about the kids. After Evangeline joins them, Todd announces that he's leaving town, "I have evidence that my son may be alive." He takes out the information from Miles and says, "I broke the code. The baby is in Chicago." Evangeline tells Todd to take the letter to the police, but Todd says, "No." Evangeline offers to go with him, and Todd finally agrees, turns to Blair, then says, "Take care of the kids." Watching Todd and Evangeline leave, Blair feels pushed aside. The wheels in Blair's head are clearly turning

At the bar, Nash questions Jessica why Antonio signed the adoption papers and she hasn't? When Jessica denies that whether or not she adopts Jamie has nothing to do with Nash, he says, "Maybe not, but it has everything to do with us." Jessica objects, but Nash won't let up, "I love you. Antonio is a grown man, one who wouldn't want you to stay with him out of pity." Nash and Jess continue to argue until Cris approaches and calmly warns, "Leave her alone, get out, or I'll kill you." Jessica snaps at Cris and tells him to mind his own business! After Cris leaves, Nash demands to know why Jess hasn't signed the papers, "And admit that you love me as much as I love you!" Cris watches on


As Bo sees Rex throwing darts, he questions who he's imagining throwing them at. Rex replies, "My nemesis." When asked if Tate is still after Adriana, Rex pins a very sexy picture of Tate in underwear on the dartboard. Just then, Bo picks up a picture of Rex in his underwear, also adorning a hat and a scarf, and asks, "Balsom is there something you want to tell me?" Bo starts teasing Rex and saying, "This will get you lots of women looking for your private eye services." Bo buys Rex a beer.


When Natalie and Vincent arrive at the station, Shaun is waiting with Antonio, Talia and Nora. Shaun informs him, "The arsonist burned down my grandparent's house!" Vincent implies that it's pretty coincidental that right after Shaun expressed that his grandparents had a run-in with the hate group in the past, their house goes up in flames. Nora admits, "He's right. We may have a leak in the station." Later, alone, Vincent tells Natalie that he doesn't have to play by the rules, "I'm going to find them and take them down myself!"

Still at Capricorn, after Antonio calls and says he'll be held up a bit longer, Jessica signs the adoption papers in front of Nash and says, "If this doesn't prove I love Antonio, then I don't know what will!"

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