The Walls Are Closing In

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

John gets his warrant, Michael warns Cristian not to fight, Blair and Todd have a close call and Kelly fights for her baby's life

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Michael Easton

Evangeline gives Cristian a pep talk regarding his boxing press conference. Michael shows up, tells Cris that if his punch is the slightest bit off, he may never be able to use his right hand again. Cris refuses to listen to Michael and Vincent tries hushing the conversation. As Layla questions Evangeline about why she didn't come home last night, Cristian's mother overhears Layla accuse Evangeline of sleeping with Cris! Vincent tries being the concerned manager in front of Michael, but has no plans to pull Cris from the fight.

John bursts into the judge's chamber, demanding a signature on the warrant, but the judge refuses. John tells him if he doesn't sign it, someone may end up dead. However, the judge will not budge. John grabs the judge's golf club, questions whether the judge is 'in' with Truman! John threatens to turn him in for favoritism, shoving the warrant toward him to sign.

Spencer wants to know what Blair is doing with Todd. Blair gives Spencer a story about having had to pick up something special of her mother's for their wedding day. When Blair leaves the room, Todd tells Spencer that there's no way Blair's going to marry him! Blair gets a call from John, saying he got the judge to sign the warrant. John tells Blair he'll get to Spencer, at the Palace, as soon as he can, to stay with Spencer. Spencer notices that Blair isn't wearing her ring and insists on putting it back on front of Todd. Once out of the penthouse, Blair tells Spencer she'll meet him in the car, that she forgot something. He agrees and Blair goes back in to Todd, pulls him into her arms as they kiss! Blair tells Todd that she's going to make Spencer pay for everything he did. Blair promises not to sleep with Spencer. After Blair leaves, Todd is tortured by images from their past.

Cristian comes to Evangeline's rescue just in time to tell his mother that Evangeline and he are in love. Vincent whisks Cristian off to do his press conference. As Vincent is talking up his fighter, Cristian's opponent steps up, says he's going to crush him! They argue in front of the crowd, while Vincent anticipates Cristian's demise and his benefiting from it all.

Bo tells Clint and Vicki about Antonio's arrest and the tapes of Jessica that were found at the man's house. Kevin shows up, wanting help in finding Kelly. Bo finds out the name of the clinic that Kelly's at, gives the information to Kevin.

At the hospital Kelly gets the news that her baby's heartbeat is irregular. Kelly's doctor says in order to help her save the baby, Kelly needs to be positive. Kelly wakes up from a bad dream to see Kevin standing over her.

At the station, John shows up waving the warrant to Bo and Natalie. Blair and Spencer arrive at his hotel suite. She's uneasy as Spencer continues to pressure her about her time spent with Todd. Spencer asks Blair to see the gift from her mother that she took from the penthouse. In Spencer's bedroom, there Blair stands in the negligee from her mother. Suddenly, there's banging on the door, not only is it the media, but it's John. When Spencer answers the door, John informs him he's under arrest!

Next on One Life to Live: Jessica says after integration she'll never be the same, Evangeline asks Todd if he can forgive Blair and John takes Spencer to jail!

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