Time Is Of The Essence

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Rex gets a call from Adriana, John struggles with his inner demons, Jessica faces her past and Todd and Blair make love

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John - Paul Lavoisier

Adriana calls out to Rex, but Bruce grabs the phone and hangs up. Rex demands that Dorian fess up! Knowing that Rex is with Dorian, Bruce thinks Dorian's double-crossing him. The phone rings again. Dorian begs Rex to let her answer it, promises to tell him the truth if he does. It's Bruce. Dorian says she has the money, that she'll do exactly what he wants to get Adriana back. Dorian hangs up with Rex screaming in her ear for answers. When Rex threatens to call the police, Dorian says that Adriana has been kidnapped, by her stalker, but doesn't admit her involvement. Rex wants to call the cops, but Dorian says he can't, that the man will kill her! Rex doesn't trust Dorian, but they decide to put their differences aside to get Adriana back. Bruce tells Adriana if her mother doesn't come through with the money, she'll be the one to pay.

John tells Bo that Natalie may have compromised their case, then takes off for the firing range. Natalie explains to Bo about her conversation, how she made Spencer suspicious. Bo calls the hospital, making sure that Spencer is still therenot with Blair, then asks Natalie how Rex is. She divulges that Dorian is behind Adriana's disappearance. John plugs shot after shot into a target, having an illusion of his father being there, informing him that he's almost nailed his dad's killer. Holding the gun, his father, in John's mind's eye, suggests John's waiting for the day he can put a bullet into Spencer. Again, firing into the target, John says he's going to take Spencer down! Bo approaches from behind, letting John know that the judge turned down their request for an arrest warrant.

Blair and Todd are locked in a passionate kiss. Little by little they are stripped of their clothes, then they make love! Afterwards, Todd tells Blair that it didn't change anything, that he can't forget about what she did with Spencer. Again she says she did it for him. Todd doesn't want Blair to keep up her charade, asks Blair to promise him that she'll never let Spencer touch her again.

Jessica sees herself as a little girl on the computer, demands answers from the man who bought the tape from her victimizer. Antonio tells everyone to leave him and Jessica alone with the man. Antonio makes him look Jessica in the eye, says he destroyed her life. Jessica interrogates the man, facing her past head on. When she's done, Antonio has the cops take the man away. Just then, Jessica starts to remember what happened to hernot to Tess.

Spencer is on the hunt for Blair. He asks Michael why Starr isn't in her room, if she's with Blair. Michael taunts Spencer, calling him a killer, says Blair may have found him out. When Spencer sees Starr's records, showing she's having tests, he wants to know if Blair is with her. Michael tells him no. Spencer then asks if Todd is with Starr, if he's with Blair! Michael says yes, Blair and Todd left together, looking cozier than ever! Spencer storms into his office.

Blair can't give Todd her word that she'll stay away from Spencer, says she needs to be close to Spencer in order to prove that he was behind Todd's demise. The doorbell rings. Todd opens the door and Spencer barrels through!

Next on One Life to Live: John threatens a judge, Spencer demands to know what Blair's doing with Todd and Michael tells Evangeline that Cristian could lose the use of his hand.

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