Friday, August 25th, 2006

Natalie makes Spencer suspicious, David tries getting the truth from Dorian, John and Hugh come across more proof and Blair begs for Todd's understanding

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Melissa Archer

Natalie asks Spencer what he did to Blair, and Spencer now knows that Natalie is keeping something from him. He wants to know why she thought he had hurt Blair. Natalie acts as though she was merely concerned for Blair. When Spencer brings up that he's seen Blair and John talking on occasion, Natalie covers her tracks, suggests that maybe John and Blair are having an affair.

Rex tells David if he helps him get the truth about Adriana from Dorian, Rex will give him his club, Ultra Violet. David agrees.

Adriana tells Bruce that Rex will never believe his text message. Dorian is frantic, as she waits for a call from Bruce. Adriana still doesn't believe that Dorian paid Bruce to break up her and Rex. As Bruce tells Adriana how Dorian came about to hire him, she starts to believe him, wants to talk to Dorian.

Antonio lets Jessica know that he got a warrant to pick up one of the men who bought a sex tape from her victimizer. Hugh shows up with Spencer's safe deposit box, showing John the pictures that prove Spencer knew that Todd didn't kill Margaret and her baby. They also find a letter to Margaret's baby from Spencer, explaining why his parents gave him up, to never try contacting his father, Todd. John brings in a handwriting specialist to compare the letter and Spencer's handwriting. The specialist verifies that indeed Spencer wrote the letter! John tells Hugh that Spencer can't find out what they're up to and sends Hugh on his way. Natalie bursts in, tells John about making Spencer suspicious. John says if Spencer is on to Blair, she's dead.

Blair tells Todd she's sleeping with Spencer to help him. Todd wants to know how she could still be with Spencer after finally realizing Todd's innocent. Blair wants him to understand that she needs to be with Spencer to find the proof to put him away, that Spencer trusts her. She tells him about drugging Spencer, about how he almost strangled her. She says she helped John get into Spencer's safe deposit box. Blair swears she's not going to marry Spencer, that soon, by the end of the day, they'll have the proof they need to get Spencer. Todd says he can't get the image of Blair and Spencer out of his mind. She pleads for him to look her in the eye and say he still loves her. However, he can't, he's too hurt. Tears streaming down her face, Blair apologies to Todd for not believing in him. Todd wipes away her tears.

David goes to Dorian's, occupies her while Rex sneaks in the house. David informs Dorian about the plot that Rex is accusing her of being involved in, tells her she looks suspicious, says he'll help her get out of the situation with Adriana, but she denies it. Rex bursts in, calling Dorian a liar, demanding to know the name of the man she hired. Dorian yells for them to leave, and David goes. Her phone rings and Rex snatches it. Adriana says his name!

As Antonio searches Snyder's house, he finds a tape of Tess. Antonio puts him under an arrest just as Jessica comes through the door! Jessica wants to face the man, to have him know that she is the one who was on the tape as a little girl. She blames the man for having a hand in destroying her life, says she'll help put him away! Jessica goes to the man's computer, sees her picture on there as a little girl.

When Spencer can't get a hold of Blair, he runs looking for her. Back at the penthouse, Blair tells Todd that every time Spencer touched her, she imagined it was Todd. Todd can't walk away from Blair. He takes her in his arms and passionately kisses her!!!

Next on One Life to Live: Antonio wants to kill Jessica's victimizer, Dorian works with Rex, Adriana still holds hope and Blair tells Todd not to stop...

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