The Starcrossiest Lovers I've Ever Met.

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Roxy plans a party, James makes an admission to Starr, and John and Natalie finally have a heart-to-heart...

The Starcrossiest Lovers I've Ever Met. image

John's surprised to find Liam and Natalie at his place. He picks Liam up, as Natalie explains how Jessica said they shouldn't wait to have their talk. "And she'd be right," John agrees. He instructs Natalie to turn their phones off then puts Liam down for a nap. When he returns, Natalie lashes out at John for not admitting he loved her. She needs to know John will fight for her. He wonders why Natalie never let on she knew. She had lied to him and didn't trust John enough to tell him the truth. Can he forgive her? John admits Natalie hurt him and knows he hurt her too. Can she forgive him? Natalie's more than happy to. "Then bring those lips here," John orders. They kiss, takes off each others' clothes and fall to the bed. After they make love, John says, "Natalie, I love you." She returns the long awaited sentiment.


At his apartment, James tells Starr they're over. He heard Starr tell Cole she still loves him. Starr reminds James that Cole was dying. James shares in her grief and brings up Ford. He can't deny the way Starr was looking at Cole and doesn't think she'll ever feel that way about him. Starr professes her love. "As much as you love Cole?" he asks. Starr apologizes and knows James is right. She rushes into James' arms and cries, "I'm going to miss you so much. I'm sorry." James never meant to make her cry and sobs, "I'll never forget you, Twinkle." She'll never forget him either. Knowing James wants a clean break, Starr leaves.


Gigi joins Rex at the Buchanan Mansion just as he finishes up a call with Nora. As they kiss, Roxy interrupts and says, "Honeymoon is over." She's throwing a huge party to honor "Fraternity Row's" last episode tomorrow. Everyone tried to save the soap, but it didn't work. Roxy wants to give it the sendoff it deserves and wants everyone to dress up as characters. Roxy names John and Natalie as the show's leading couple and says, "They're the starcrossiest lovers I've ever met." Out in the foyer, Shane opens a letter labeled urgent then joins his parents. Shane announces that he's been given a scholarship to one of the best art schools in England. He's confused, having never applied. Gigi admits she applied for him a year ago. He appreciates it but knows Gigi did it to get him out of a bad situation. Now that Shane's happy, there's no reason to leave Llanview. Gigi's proud of the strong guy Shane has become. She and Rex want to go to England with him. Roxy appears upset.


At the hospital, Destiny tells Vivian and Shaun she can't wait for the baby to be born. Vivian knows everything will be fine, but Shaun snaps about Matthew running out on Destiny. Destiny takes some money from Shaun and leaves to buy Bo flowers. Shaun and Vivian waste no time arguing over the fact that she doesn't want to get married. Shaun isn't trying to force Vivian into the kind of marriage her parents had but family is important to him. He wants more than what they have and wishes Vivian good luck. They admit they'll miss each other and part ways.


Matthew appears in Bo's hospital room, happy that Bo's all right. He would've felt awful had something happened to Bo. Nora and Bo embrace Matthew, happy he's home. Destiny appears and shares a tense moment with Matthew. After catching up with Bo and Nora, Destiny turns to leave. Matthew stops her and apologizes for their past fight. She wonders if he changed his mind about the baby. Matthew refers to Destiny as his best friend. He cares about her but isn't ready to be a father. Destiny reminds him no one was ready. Everyone but him stepped up to help her. She vows to take on the baby by herself and leaves.


Jack isn't happy to see Neela at the mansion. Neela practically ruined Jack's life and betrayed his trust. He snatches her purse to check for a recorder then demands she leave. Neela didn't plan on giving Shane the tape and knew Jack was truly sorry for what he did, just like Neela is now. She has something to confess. When Jack lashes out further, she starts to leave. Jack stops her and apologizes. Neela shares how she dreamed about marrying someone she loved. She ran away from an arranged marriage and met that boy on her first night in Llanview. Jack doesn't know what to say. Neela's glad she told him and leaves.


Rick finds Starr outside the mansion. He's sorry about the death of her baby daddy and hugs Starr for being a PR goldmine. She can't believe the nerve of Rick. He has news. After Rick explains, he urges Starr to give him an answer by tomorrow. It's time to start a new chapter in her life.

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