R.I.P. Cole Thornhart.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Dani gets news, many grieve a death, and John questions Viki and Clint about Allison...

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At the mansion, Starr looks at The Sun with a headline reading: R.I.P. Cole Thornhart. Todd appears and holds Starr close. Dani arrives. She can't believe Hannah killed Cole. "Cole's alive," Starr replies. Todd warns Starr to stay quiet then agrees to let Dani in on the details. After he leaves the girls alone, Starr explains that Cole survived and was going to be transferred back to Statesville. She recalls telling Blair that Patrick was alive, and with Marty, and how Cole needed to be with his parents. Blair thought Cole needed to serve his time for killing Eli. Starr played the Irene card - Todd killed someone and wasn't in jail. She continues to explain how she begged Blair and Todd to help save Cole's life. She was able to tell Cole that Todd was going to help him be with Patrick again. In order for their plan to work, they had to make everyone believe Cole had died. Starr promised Cole he would see her and Hope again one day. She told Cole she loved him then Todd took him away. Todd would only tell Starr that Cole is now with Patrick and Marty. Dani wonders where James fits into Starr's life. Starr isn't sure but wants to be there for James. The girls leave, with Starr hoping to one day see Cole again.


James throws an issue of The Sun across his apartment, as he remembers Starr vowing to never stop loving Cole. Nate arrives, in tears, as James says, "Bobbie died a hero." Nate explains that their mother is making the funeral arrangements and feels awful for leaving Ford and James when they were young. James breaks down and explains everything leading up to Ford's death. He admits to overhearing Starr professing her love to Cole. When Starr and Dani arrive, Nate leads Dani out of the apartment. James tells Starr they're over.


In Viki's hospital room, Natalie and John talk to her and Clint about Jessica. They can't believe Ford is dead. John brings up Allison and asks if Viki and Clint know why she went to Llanfair after escaping. They keep Allison's claims to themselves and thank John for saving Natalie. After John and Natalie leave, making plans to talk later, Clint assures Viki they had no choice but to lie to John and Natalie. They don't want to get Jessica's hopes up about Mitch not being her father until they know for sure. Clint knows just the man to call. Soon, Vimal arrives and agrees to help Clint with a DNA test. Clint hands over a huge check. Vimal jokes that he'll compare Clint's DNA to Natalie's. Viki and Clint scream, "No!" Vimal assures them he'll compare Clint's DNA to Jessica's. No mistakes this time.


Tea joins Blair at the hospital and gives her condolences for Cole. Over talk of Todd, Blair admits he wants her back. "What about Tomas?" Tea interrupts. She can't take it anymore and has to tell Blair the truth about Todd right now. When Todd appears, Tea thinks twice and claims she owes Todd an apology. She's sorry for taking Victor's death and Tomas' guilt out on him. Todd wishes he could do something to help Tea. "So do I," she cries. Later, Tea admits to John that she almost told Blair that Todd killed Victor. John admits he's close to arresting Todd. He shows Tea Todd's phone. John downloaded all of his data. Tea agrees to drop Todd's phone off at Lost and Found then anticipates John nailing Todd to the wall.


In an exam room, Todd wonders if Blair told Tea about Cole. She didn't. Blair expresses what a good thing Todd did for Cole. Todd feels as though he has more to do in order to make up for all the bad he's done. Todd realizes his phone is missing. A nurse appears and hands him the phone that was just turned in.


At Llanfair, Jessica shows Ryder an article on Ford. She can't believe he's never coming home. She recalls the doctor telling her Ford died and how she fell apart in James' arms. She remembers breaking down over Ford's body in the morgue. Natalie arrives and holds her sister close, as Jessica tells Ryder his daddy was a hero. Natalie assures Jessica that Ford wanted to save her, just like Jessica wanted to save her. Jessica wishes she could've been there to see Natalie kill Mitch, even though he's her biological father. Over talk of Allison, Jessica's sure she had a reason for going to Llanfair. She insists that Natalie go tell John she loves him before it's too late.


Jessica arrives in Vik's hospital room just as Clint tells Viki he would do anything to erase Mitch from Jessica's life. He covers and claims he'd do anything to make Jessica happy. Jessica's just happy that Mitch is dead and that Clint will be the only grandfather Ryder and Bree will ever know.


John arrives home and finds Natalie waiting for him.

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