I Want My Damn Heart Back.

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Stacy appears, Viki has a choice to make, and Bo reunites with a woman from his past...

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From Heaven, Megan, Gabrielle and Luna watch and discuss the goings on in Llanview. There are residents who need them. They have their work cut out for them…


At the church, Natalie breaks from John's kiss and asks him to make sure Mitch is dead. John moves a gun away from Mitch then goes to him. Mitch grabs John, and his gun, and the men struggle. Natalie warns John to move then shoots Mitch dead. "He's not coming back this time," John confirms. Natalie was glad to kill Mitch, for Jared's sake. She calls Jessica and promises to be at the hospital as soon as she and John check on their parents.


At Llanfair, with Clint lying unconscious by Viki's side, Megan appears. She puts her hand out. Viki's spirit rises, takes Megan's hand and ends up close to Heaven. Megan assures Viki Clint's with someone else at the moment and that Natalie and Jessica are safe. Suddenly, Viki becomes very weak and thinks about what Allison said. Megan reminds Viki it's okay to let go and recalls letting go of Jake. If Viki lets go, she and Megan can make up for all of the time they've lost. Megan opens a set of doors and asks, "Are you ready?"


In a darkened room, Clint's spirit is stunned to see the real Stacy Morasco, who demands her heart back. She rants about Clint being a bad person to Shane and Bo. Stacy warns Clint needs to clean up the mess he's made of his life and points to a door, engulfed in flames. Clint refuses to believe Stacy when she claims Viki's dead and recalls what Allison said. He pushes Stacy away then rushes through a set of doors. He sees Viki about to walk through another door with Megan and calls out, "Viki, don't do it!" Viki tells Megan she's not ready then rushes into Clint's arms saying, "I can't let go." John and Natalie arrive at Llanfair and hover over Clint and Viki's bodies. Natalie cries when she can't find Viki's pulse. The EMTs arrive and announce that Viki's not breathing. Suddenly, Viki and Clint open their eyes and stare at each other.


In the cabin, Nora tries to help Troy save Bo. Gabrielle appears. Bo mumbles Gabrielle's name. Nora doesn't realize Bo's spirit has taken Gabrielle's hand and has left. Troy tells Nora that Bo's gone. He says goodbye and urges Nora to do the same to Bo. Nora screams for Troy, as he walks out the door. Somewhere faraway, Gabrielle tells Bo he was shot. She's there to guide Bo to his next life. He doesn't believe it's the end of his life. Gabrielle claims it's the beginning, for her and Bo. He loves Nora and doesn't want to leave her. Gabrielle begs Bo to walk through a set of doors with her. He almost does until he hears Nora crying, "Please don't leave me." Gabrielle tries reminding Bo what they once had, but he says, "Nora… she's the love of my life. I have to get back to her." Bo leaves Gabrielle and awakes in the cabin. Nora kisses Bo, who says, "You can't get rid of me that easy."


As the doctors work on Cole in the hospital, Luna appears. Cole's spirit rises from his body. He takes Luna's hand and leaves with her. Starr pleads with the doctor for an update, as Cole realizes Luna's dead and wonders if he is too. She only says they're somewhere between Heaven and Hell. Luna comforts him when Cole starts talking about how much he's hurt Starr and Hope. Maybe he's better off dead. A set of doors open abruptly. Luna urges Cole to listen carefully. He hears Starr… Back in the hospital, Starr pleads with Cole to fight, to come back to her and Hope. James appears just as Starr admits she never stopped loving Cole and never plans to.


In another area of the hospital, Jessica and James await news on Ford. Jessica wonders if James found Starr. James only wants to concentrate on Ford right now. They never see the hooded figure carrying Ford's spirit away. In a darkened room, Eddie reveals himself to his son. Ford thinks he's dreaming and wants to get back to Jessica. Eddie opens a door and exposes flames, claiming they're in Hell. Ford rants at his father and calls Eddie a rapist. Eddie reminds Ford he didn't rape Nora, unlike what Ford did to Jessica. Ford knows Jessica forgave him. They have a son now. After Ford pushes Eddie into the flames of hell, he runs through a set of doors, sees Luna and asks, "Will you help me?" As Luna, Megan and Gabrielle watch from afar, Ford and Cole's family and friends gather in the waiting area of the hospital. A doctor appears, as Luna admits, "I could only save one."


Back in the church, Mitch's spirit stands, prepared to serve his God for all eternity. Stacy and Eddie arrive and take Mitch away. Stacy reveals that Jessica was never his daughter. Mitch screams, "No!"

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Many prepare to say goodbye.

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