You're In This Together, Aren't You?

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Bo receives a visitor, John insists on talking to Natalie, and Mitch makes a demand of Viki...

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At Statesville, John asks Mr. Evans if he's sure Mitch is in the bed. Mr. Evan confirms, but John doesn't believe it. When John rips the bandages from the unconscious man's face, Mr. Evans gasps, "That's one of my guards!" The lights come back on throughout Llanview…


Cole stops Starr from leaving the cabana. There's so much he has to tell her. Starr has to check on Hope, hands Cole her cell and leaves. She finds James with Sam in the mansion. After she sends Sam to bed, James informs that there's been a prison break. Cole's missing. Has Starr heard from him? She denies it and tells the cops the same when they arrive. They insist on searching the premises. James wonders why Starr's nervous and privately asks, "Are you hiding Cole?" Back in the cabana, Cole looks at photos on Starr's cell. When he sees one of James and Starr, he rushes out. "Freeze!" Sam orders, knowing Hope's dad is supposed to be in jail. Cole leads Sam into the cabana and asks him to keep him a secret. Sam's been deputized by John and says, "I have to arrest you." Cole begs Sam to let him spend some time with Hope. Later, the cops kick in the door and scream, "Freeze!" Sam puts his hands up then gives Cole, who's hiding, a thumbs up, as the cops lead him away. The cops bring Sam back to Starr and warn she better call them if Cole turns up. Before James leaves, he gives Starr the same warning. Sam privately tells Starr he lied to the cops about Cole. She assures Sam it's very important to keep Cole a secret then leaves. James returns and finds Sam. Where's Starr? Sam refuses to tell 'the secret', the one Starr said James, especially, couldn't know. In the cabana, Cole professes his love to Starr and kisses her.


Bo kicks open the door and finds the loft empty. After the cops leave, Bo sees Lindsay on the fire escape. He lets her in. Lindsay admits Troy's on the loose. She has a bad feeling. "And you're in this together, aren't you?" Bo asks. Lindsay took a risk by escaping to help Bo. She recants an earlier conversation with Troy in the prison library. He was reading an electrician's manual and kept insisting that he, Nora and Matthew would be a family soon. She warned a guard, but in the commotion Lindsay escaped to warn Bo. He thinks he knows where they are.


Troy leads Nora into a cabin, blindfolded. It's where they'll spend the rest of their lives. He asks for another chance. Nora agrees to it. "Are you lying to me again?" Troy asks and accuses her of sending Bo a signal on the phone. She denies it and tries to reason with Troy. Nora loves Bo. "You're wrong," Troy replies and removes a bag from the floorboards. Nora wonders if he's going to drug and rape her. Troy vows he'd never do that. He loves Nora. She reminds Troy he was in prison because he terrorized her. Nothing could make her forget Bo. Troy takes out a syringe and says, "Actually, there is." Nora's reminded of the drug Lindsay used to erase her memory.


At Llanfair, Natalie begs Mitch not to kill Clint, who's unconscious, and promises to do anything. Later, John arrives and finds Clint, who confirms that Mitch has Natalie. Viki appears and hears the news. Clint's nurse takes him away.


In a church, Mitch screams, "Heed the Messenger." Natalie struggles, tied and gagged. He calls Viki, who puts the call on speakerphone. John demands to talk to Natalie. Mitch ungags Natalie, who manages to scream, "Church! We're in a church!" Mitch threatens to kill Natalie but agrees to give Viki her daughter back as soon as he gets his. Viki refuses to trade one daughter for another. Mitch gives Viki an hour and warns John no cops, no tricks. Mitch hangs up, ungags Natalie and starts reading a scripture. He vows to kill Natalie if her family doesn't obey him. He chastises Natalie for sleeping with Jessica's boyfriend then talks about calling in backup, if all else fails.


Back at Llanfair, Clint reappears and hears about Mitch's ultimatum. Jessica overhears and orders John to deliver her to Mitch. Viki, Clint and John object. Jessica reminds them that Mitch will kill Natalie. She refuses to lose Natalie again and claims she'd risk her life for Jessica. After an hour has passed, Mitch calls and asks, "Do I get my daughter?"

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