Prisoner 92973.

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Bo and John find out who masterminded the prison break, Nora's held captive, Starr's surprised, and someone comes looking for Jessica...

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John and Bo arrive at Statesville where Mr. Evans explains over one-hundred prisoners escaped, armed. He pulls back a curtain. They were able to capture the ringleader, who's unconscious: Prisoner 92973 Mitch Laurence. His face is covered and bloodied from the bomb used in the escape. Mr. Evans leaves to get an update in order to ID those who've escaped. He returns with the names of the men from Llanview who've escaped: Cole Thornhart and Troy MacIver. Bo grabs his phone and admits Troy tried to kill Nora once.


Nora's shocked to see Troy at the loft, who says, "I've missed you, Nora." She plays along with Troy, who claims he got out on good behavior. When she tries to call Bo, Troy pulls out a gun and orders, "Put down the phone." Troy admits he escaped. It was the only hope he had of ever seeing Nora again. She's flattered but talks about her and Bo's recent marriage. He thinks she only married Bo because he was in prison. Troy holds Nora and professes his love, claiming his brother Colin was the one who hurt her. The phone rings. Nora convinces Troy to let her answer it, so Bo doesn't become suspicious. "If Troy's there tell me you love me," Bo says from the other end of the line. "I love you, Bo," Nora replies. Troy disconnects the phone and plans to take Nora somewhere they can be together. She stalls Troy and offers him some wine and conversation. He starts kissing her neck. Nora lays on the seduction and makes a toast, "To us."

Back at Statesville, Bo tells John that Troy has Nora.


Natalie's terrified to see Mitch at Llanfair. Dressed in a guard's uniform, Mitch covers Natalie's mouth, halting further screams. When Mitch releases his hand, he taunts Natalie about killing Jared. Natalie shoves Mitch down and starts strangling him. She turns to run, but Mitch puts her in a headlock. He wants Jessica. Natalie would rather die than tell him where she is. He grabs her by the hair and starts to head upstairs. They hear Liam's cry through the baby monitor. Mitch thinks it's his grandson, Ryder. From the staircase, Clint calls out that Viki's taking care of the baby. When he enters the living room, Mitch pulls a gun on him. Clint makes a move for the gun. Mitch slams it down hard on Clint's back.


Starr can't believe Cole's at the mansion. How did he get out? He explains how all hell broke loose at Statesville. The inmates were beating on the guards. It felt so good to be outside. Cole had to see Starr and Hope. Starr wants to bring Cole back to prevent further trouble. He refuses to leave, not until he sees Hope. He begs for one more chance to see her. Hope appears and calls out, "Daddy." Cole rushes to hold his daughter. Starr gives them a moment then orders Cole back to Statesville. "I'm not going back," he snaps and shows Starr a letter he received. His dad is alive and is with his mom. Patrick promised they'll be together again one day. Cole has to find his parents. He begs Starr to hide him until he can take off to find them. Out on the patio, after their kiss, Todd and Blair enter the cabana. Blair admits, "It's too soon for me." Todd claims they belong together. Why is Blair holding back? "It's you," she replies and reminds him of the good 'ups' and the horrible 'downs' of their relationship. How many times did he stomp on her heart? Blair can't go there again. Todd can't promise he'll never hurt her again. No one can make a promise like that, but Todd can promise to love her and their family. She wants to love him and promises that someday she'll be ready to throw in with him again, just not tonight. "We have so much to look forward to," Blair says and kisses his nose. They enter the house and call out to Starr. They find her and Hope and question her about the man's voice they heard. Starr covers and asks them to take Hope to bed, who calls out "Daddy." Cole hides in the shadows. They wonder what Hope's comment was about. Starr claims Hope had a dream about her daddy. After they leave, Cole thanks Starr. She brings him into the cabana and says, "Take care of yourself." Starr turns to leave, but Cole stops her. Back inside, Blair sends Todd home but invites him to kiss her goodbye. He kisses her neck and leaves.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

John insists on talking to Natalie.

Bo receives a visitor.

Mitch makes a demand of Viki.

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