Pure Evil Is Going To Rock Llanview.

Friday, December 30th, 2011

The town's power grid affects everyone's electricity, Madame Delphina gives John a warning, and when the lights go out in Llanview things will never be the same...

Pure Evil Is Going To Rock Llanview. image

As the lights flicker throughout Llanview…

At the mansion, Blair shows Todd the painting Tomas painted of her that Tea sent over. She throws it. Why would Tea think she'd ever want anything that Tomas touched? Blair whines about being gullible with men. Todd reminds her of the strong woman she used to be. 'She' wasn't a victim. Blair trashes the painting and asks Todd to spend New Year's with her. Downstairs, James shows Starr the "Jailbait" video. It went viral. Starr admits she allowed Rick to release the video in exchange for him dropping the lawsuit. How can Starr work with Rick after he blackmailed his brother? Starr defends Rick. James warns her not to trust him. Though they had plans, Starr wants to stay behind with Hope, who was afraid when the lights flickered. James thinks she's using Hope to get out of their date. Starr doesn't use her daughter and sends James away. He returns soon after and apologizes. James doesn't want to be the guy who holds her back. If Rick can get her to the V.I.P. section then he's all for it. They kiss. Later, Todd joins Blair on the patio, dressed in a tux. She lights a candle, writes 'Trusting the wrong man' on a piece of paper then burns it - like it never happened. Todd writes, 'Killing Victor, framing Tomas' then burns it. He feels better and leans in for a New Year's kiss… Blair kisses him back.


Roxy barges into the Buchanan Mansion and faces Gigi. She doesn't believe it's her and starts pulling at her ears, looking for scars. Rex confirms the DNA proved she's Gigi. When Gigi mourns for "Fraternity Row," Roxy realizes it's really her. She hugs Gigi and drags her away to get ready for the wedding. Bo arrives. Gigi hugs him on the way out. Bo helps Rex get ready. Matthew won't be at the wedding. He has some things to work out.


John takes a call from Natalie at the station and accepts her invitation to be her date at Rex's wedding. After he hangs up, Madame Delphina appears and warns that pure evil is going to rock Llanview to its core. She felt its presence when the lights flickered. John chalks it up to a brownout and mocks her. "You will be in the eye of the storm," she insists then gets another message. "Be prepared for the worst."


At Llanfair, Viki and Clint prepare for the wedding. Clint talks about having the heart of a manic. Viki thinks it only proves a heart is a muscle. It's the goodness in Clint that gives him his 'heart'. Nora arrives. Matthew's out of town with David and Dorian. When Roxy and Gigi appear, Nora says, "You look beautiful for a dead woman." Later, John and Rex arrive. Delphina appears, as the officiate, and tells John she hopes the wedding is over before all hell breaks loose. John joins Natalie, and Rex stands with Shane, as Gigi appears in her wedding dress. The wedding begins, as Delphina talks about all Rex and Gigi have overcome. Rex and Gigi exchange personal vows and reflect on their past. In tears, Rex vows to treasure their family forever. Gigi shares his tears and thanks Rex for bringing her back to life, literally. She'll always love him and their family. They light the unity candle then Delphina asks if anyone has any reason to object. Roxy insists she skip that part, due to what happened at the last wedding. Rex and Gigi are pronounced husband and wife. The lights flicker again… Later, as everyone in Llanview counts down the New Year, the power goes out. John takes a call and leaves for the station. Alone, Natalie sees someone in the dark and screams.


Delphina joins Rex, Gigi and Shane at the Buchanan Mansion. Rex wonders how he was getting the messages from Gigi when she was in a coma. Delphina warns them not to mess things up - the universe wanted them together. Delphina leaves and wonders if John's ready for what's to come. She did what she could and hopes everyone gets out alive. Back inside, Rex and Gigi dance by candlelight.


At the loft, Bo wants to toast to having their family back. Nora refuses the champagne. She's not feeling good and goes to bed. Later, Nora wakes up, finds Bo gone and screams when she sees someone standing in the shadows.

At the station, John explains to Bo that there was a breakout at Statesville. "Who's on the list?" Bo asks.


Back at the mansion, Starr answers the door and says, "It's you."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Coming off the holiday, the show will be pre-empted.

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