There's No Other Bad Girl For Me.

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Starr brings a check from Todd to Rick, Todd vows to make Neela pay, and Shane and Gigi come face to face with Jack...

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Starr enters Rick's hospital room. Rick refuses to give Starr her music rights back in exchange for Todd's money. "There's no other bad girl for me," Rick says. "I own you." Starr reminds Rick there are a ton of singers out there. He thinks Starr's family makes her a PR goldmine. It's never been about the music. Since Starr won't sleep with Nate, Rick suggests they use Jack's arrest to boost her career. A nurse brings in the makings for a sponge bath. Rick asks Starr to help with all the hard to reach areas. Before Starr leaves, Rick agrees to drop the lawsuit but again refuses to let her go. Starr twists his finger but can't resist watching the unedited version of "Jail Bait" on Rick's laptop. He knows it's going to be a hit and refuses to settle for her Daddy's onetime check. Starr's going to make Rick a household name and warns, "You manhandle me like that again, and you will regret it."


Rama joins Aubrey in Angels Square and rants about Neela framing Jack. Aubrey thinks Neela did the right thing. Rama fears Neela will get hurt in the end. Whatever Jack's done, Neela still has feelings for him. Talk turns to Rex. Aubrey fears Rex is keeping something from her. Rama thinks Aubrey's making too much of Rex's voicemail and suggests she call him.


At Llanfair, Shane wonders where Gigi's been. After she fills him in, Shane realizes Jack didn't kill her and shares how he and Neela put Jack behind bars. "It's all over now," Gigi says. Shane wonders what they're going to do about Jack. On their way to the station, Rex's cell rings. He ignores a call from Aubrey then admits to Gigi that they got close. Gigi wonders if he forgot her when he was with Aubrey. Rex didn't but admits she made things easier. "Do you have feelings for her?" Gigi asks. If he did, they disappeared the minute Gigi returned. Gigi understands and insists Rex stay behind to deal with Aubrey. Rex calls Aubrey, who agrees to meet him.


Aubrey arrives at the Buchanan Mansion first and takes down Gigi's stocking. She hangs it back up. Rex appears. Aubrey rambles about Gigi meaning a lot to Rex and Shane. She wanted the stocking to be a part of their decorations. Aubrey hugs Rex, who says, "There's something I have to tell you."


Jack's happy to see Neela at the jail. He fears she'll be charged as an accessory for not coming forward with the knowledge of his taped confession, which the cops have. Neela admits she recorded him because Shane asked her to. Jack can't believe Neela did this to him. She tries to defend her actions. "Get out," Jack screams. "You backstabbing bitch, get away from me!"


In his office, John tells Tea Shane asked Neela to help him prove Jack had gotten away with murder and says, "Apparently, he was right." Out in the station, Todd tells Blair someone set Jack up and vows not to let them get away with it. "What're you going to do, Todd? Kill them? You would, wouldn't you?" Tea says from John's doorway. Todd questions if Tea thinks he killed someone. John stops Tea from elaborating. Tea admits that Neela set Jack up and says, "Jack could be in big trouble." He could be facing a murder charge. Blair defends Jack. He didn't mean to hurt anyone and shouldn't pay with his life. "Like Gigi Morasco did?" John asks. Tea sends Todd and Blair home and insists on talking to Jack alone. When Jack's brought in, John gives Tea some time alone with her client in his office. She promises to do everything to help him. Jack feels stupid for trusting Neela. As Tea warns Jack not to say a word about Neela, Shane barges in to surprise John. Gigi appears. Jack and Tea are the ones surprised.


Rama finds Neela crying in Angels Square. She fears Jack will never trust or speak to her again. Rama thinks that's a good thing, seeing how Jack could be facing many years in prison. Neela blames herself. Shane's stupid plan ruined everything! "If that woman hadn't died I wouldn't be in this mess," Neela snaps. Todd and Blair appear. "If it isn't Llanview PD's newest little helper," Todd says and lashes out over what Neela did. Rama takes Neela away.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

John and Tea argue over Jack's involvement in Stacy's death.

John and Natalie are stunned by an encounter with Gigi.

A beloved couple decides to tie the knot.

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