It Was No Dream, Balsom.

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Rex and Gigi wake up together, Shane and Gigi come face to face, and Blair and Todd grow closer...

It Was No Dream, Balsom. image

At Llanfair, over talk of Jack's arrest, Shane admits to Clint and Natalie that he set it in motion. Clint praises Shane, "That was very Buchanan of you." Gigi had a good heart and would've been proud. Clint urges Shane to rest easy now, like Gigi is. "Thanks, Grandpa," Shane replies.


In his motel room in Texas, Rex dreams about being at the Bon Jour Café, where Gigi remembered her life with him and Shane. He wakes up to an empty bed and thinks it was all a dream. "It was no dream, Balsom," Gigi says from the doorway, vowing never to leave him again. After they make love, Gigi anticipates seeing Shane again. Rex brings up Shane's message and how he has big news. He knows whatever it is, it can't top Rex's. When Shane calls, Rex puts it on speakerphone. Gigi listens as Rex and Shane promise to outdo each other with their news. "We'll be on the next flight out," Rex promises. Shane wonders who 'we' is. Rex backtracks and assures Shane he'll see him soon. Hearing Shane talk about Clint, Rex fills Gigi in about Clint's transplant and how he has Stacy's heart. Rex recalls how dark his life became after she died. He didn't snap out of it until Rex started seeing Gigi.


Back at Llanfair, Natalie quizzes Clint about him and Viki. Clint's taking things slow. Natalie thinks he and Viki are meant to be together. She joins Shane, and they reminisce about Gigi. Natalie sees a lot of Gigi in Shane and knows Gigi would too. Later, when Rex arrives, Shane happily tells him that Jack confessed to killing Gigi. Rex breaks the news that Gigi didn't die. Shane's confused and stunned when he sees Gigi. Rex promises she's not Stacy. "Mommy?" Shane asks. Gigi nods then holds Shane close.


In Angel's Square, Vimal wonders what's wrong with Neela, who sees Jack's arrest on the front page of The Banner. Vimal notices and scolds Neela for still caring for Jack after what he did. If Jack wasn't in jail, Vimal would forbid Neela from seeing him. He threatens to marry her off! Rama sends Vimal away. Neela admits Jack's in jail because of her. Vimal rejoins them and apologizes. He admires Neela for being a loyal friend.


Blair visits Jack in jail. He's afraid and wonders what's going to happen to him. Now that Victor's dead, Jack thinks Brad ratted him out. Blair notes this is the first time Jack's admitted he caused Gigi's death. She screams at Jack for his lack of remorse and how he's treated Todd. "The only time you show interest in me is when I'm in trouble," Jack snaps, claiming Victor was the only one who knew and cared about him. "I was always one kid too many for you." Blair loves all of her kids equally. Jack has a good family and has no idea what it's like to grow up alone, like Blair did. Before Blair leaves, Jack admits what happened to Gigi was an accident. He never meant for anyone to get hurt.


In John's office, Todd demands John let Jack go. Tea appears and listens to Jack's taped confessed. Todd demands to know who set his son up. John refuses him. When Blair appears, Todd leaves. Blair hears Jack's confession. Tea admits if the tape checks out, Jack's in big trouble. Tea promises to help Jack and comforts Blair, who's still hurting from Jack's words. Later, alone, John admits to Tea that Neela set Jack up.


Todd approaches Jack in jail. John has a tape of him confessing. Jack doesn't think it's possible. Todd heard it for himself. Someone set him up. "Give me a name," Todd urges. "I'll deal with the son-of-a-bitch." Jack thinks the tape is a fake and thanks Todd for helping him. Later, just as Jack denies to himself that Neela would ever turn him in, Neela appears.


Todd finds Blair outside John's office and promises they won't lose their son. He holds Blair close.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd vows to make Neela pay.

Shane and Gigi come face to face with Jack.

Starr brings a check from Todd to Rick.

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