Now We Know... You're Gigi.

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

The truth about Stacy/Gigi is finally revealed, John hears Jack's confession, and Tea receives a message from beyond...

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In Texas, at the Bon Jour Café, Rex and Gigi watch the TV screen, as the events unfold from the night Gigi died. They watch Gigi leave the carriage house then see Stacy, with Gigi's face, as she laughs. "You're not going to be the bride. I am." Rex confirms what they're seeing appears right. They watch as Gigi is pushed and locked in the basement and are horrified, as Gigi screams for help then passes out from the fumes. Stacy enters the basement room and finds Gigi passed out. When she sees the carbon monoxide leak, Stacy says, "This is going to be easier than I thought." Gigi cries to Rex, "How could I do this to my sister?" Rex replies, "Save the tears." They see Gigi come to, stunned to see and hear Stacy took her identity. Gigi begs for help, but Stacy has a wedding to get to and takes Gigi's wedding dress. After Stacy is dressed, Gigi stops her from leaving, throws her down and locks her in the room. "That dress," Rex gasps. After Professor Del Fina disappears, Rex touches her face and says, "Oh my God, now we know… You're Gigi." Kim got Gigi out, thinking she was Stacy! Clint has Stacy's heart. They cry as they hold each other. Gigi still can't remember her life. Rex promises to tell her everything she needs to know then kisses her. Gigi's memories come flooding back. "I remember," Gigi cries, pulling away. "I remember everything."


Back in Llanview, at the mansion, Sam rushes off to check for Santa on the roof. Starr comforts Blair over losing Tomas and suggests he's not the man Blair's supposed to end up with. Blair wonders if she thinks Todd is. Jack and Todd arrive with gifts. Starr and Blair are surprised to hear Jack invited Todd. Starr takes a call from Dani then talks to Jack about Neela. Sam reappears. Does Todd know where Santa is? He showed up last year.


At the Manning Estate, Tea urges John to go be with Natalie and to not put off making things right. Time is precious. After John leaves, Dani joins Tea, who urges Dani to be careful about getting too close to Todd. He has a habit of hurting the people he's closest to. They hear caroling and find Blair, Starr, Jack, and Sam outside. After a toast to Victor, Sam begs Blair to bring him home to see Santa. Jack promises Santa will show up, as Dani slips Starr a gift for Todd. Later, Dani finds gifts that Victor left for them. Tea reads a note from Victor, claiming if she's reading this, he's gone but will never stop loving her.


In Angels Square, Neela hands Shane the recorder. Jack confessed everything. Shane listens to Jack's full confession. "I finally have proof that he killed my mom," Shane cries. Neela begs Shane not to do anything rash.


In the foyer at Llanfair, Viki rants to Natalie about finding Clint and Kim kissing. She knew Clint would pick Kim over her. In the living room, Clint talks to Jessica about kissing Viki, Kim's visit and claims he wants to be with Viki. Viki appears and gives Clint the cold shoulder. He's happy to be spending the holidays at Llanfair. Viki thinks he wishes he was with someone else and admits she saw him kissing Kim. Jessica leaves, as Clint stops Viki's tirade. Kim didn't write the goodbye letter and wants him back. After they kissed, Clint sent her away. "I want you," Clint professes. Viki admits she couldn't wait to see him upon her return from Texas. He apologizes for what she saw and wonders if Viki can forgive him. Back out in the foyer, Natalie answers the door to John. She's glad to hear Tea's okay. John hands her some gifts for Liam and turns to leave. Natalie asks him to stay and apologizes for how she's treated him. Just as she brings up what Roxy told her, Shane calls. John agrees to meet him. He and Natalie wish each other a Merry Christmas. Later, Jessica and Natalie find Viki and Clint kissing. They hug their parents.


John joins Shane and Neela in Angels Square. Neela explains how she got the confession from Jack. John listens to the tape then tells Shane, "You and your dad are finally going to get the justice you deserve." Shane thanks Neela, who walks away, then leaves Rex a message and whispers, "Rest in peace, Mom."


When Sam, Blair, Jack and Starr return to the mansion, they see Santa by the tree. Later, Todd joins them. Blair privately thanks him for making Sam's night then Starr gives Todd Dani's gift. Just as Jack calls Neela to thank her for being there for him, John appears and places Jack under arrest for Gigi's murder.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Coming off the holiday, the show will air an encore of the August 30, 2011 episode Ridding The World Of Victor.

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