I Should've Died, Not My Mom.

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Shane meets with Neela, Jack asks Todd to spend Christmas Eve with their family, and Cutter confesses the truth...

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While Jack's in the bathroom at The Sun, Neela takes a call from Shane. Did she get Jack to confess? Neela holds the taped confession. Shane begs her to meet him then hangs up. Out in the hall, Jack runs into Todd, who asks what's wrong. Jack thinks about his confession to Neela, who appears. She has to leave. Todd gives them some time. Jack wonders if she's leaving because of what he said. Neela denies it but pulls away when Jack tries to kiss her goodbye. Jack rejoins Todd and claims he doesn't need him. He has Neela. Todd understands Jack's upset… It's the holidays and he's missing Victor. Jack interrupts and apologizes. He knows Todd didn't kill Victor. He gives Jack money to buy Neela a Christmas present. After all Neela's done for him, Jack wants to buy her something nice. He thanks Todd then asks him to spend Christmas with their family. Todd accepts. "You were going to make me invite you eventually," Jack says.


Aubrey catches Shane leaving the Buchanan Mansion. He's going to meet Neela. Aubrey warns Shane if Jack told Neela anything, she might want to keep his confidence. Later, Rama arrives with a gift for Aubrey, who whines about Rex not being ready to move on. Over talk of Shane, Aubrey warns Rama to keep an eye on Neela's involvement with Jack. Rama chalks it up to a teenager with a crush and gushes about her holiday card from Cris. Aubrey holds Gigi's stocking. Rama promises Aubrey will get her happy ending and meet the man of her dreams.


Shane finds Neela in Angels Square and begs her to help him give his dad good news. She admits Jack confessed but only claims he spoke of Shane's bullying. Shane blames himself. He should've died- not his mom! He wishes he could go back in time. Neela admits she lied then hands Shane the recorder.


Dani appears at the Manning Estate as Tea comments to John about dealing with the secret she's keeping about Todd. Tea covers then snaps when Dani admits she bought Todd, her father, a Christmas gift. "Victor is your father," Tea asserts. "Todd is not your father." John interrupts and explains Tea's sensitivity, due to the baby. When Dani leaves to answer the door, John reminds Tea the best way to protect Tomas is to hide what she knows about Todd. If she goes after Todd with all of this animosity, he'll figure out they're on to him. Tea agrees to keep her cool and stay away from Todd altogether. Dani opens the door to Nate. They exchange gifts then talk about what happened with Rick, the porn and how it affected them. Things have changed… They've missed each other and kiss. After Nate leaves, Dani brings Tea a delivery, flowers from Todd. Tea tries to show her gratitude then privately vents to John about Todd's nerve.


In Texas, at the Bon Jour Café, Cutter tells Gigi she's not Stacy and explains why the surgeon wouldn't operate on her. He insists she's Gigi. Rex calls Cutter a liar then punches him when he says, "I care about you, Gigi." Rex ties and gags Cutter, as Gigi pleads Cutter's case. She's stunned when Rex lists Cutter's crimes and calls him a conman. The cops arrive and confirm Cutter's wanted on murder in Kentucky. Gigi calls him on his lies. Cutter's dragged away, swearing that she's Gigi. She apologizes to Rex for trusting Cutter. Rex doesn't know what he's doing with her when he has someone back in Llanview who cares about him. As Rex grills Gigi, she snaps, "I would give anything to go back in time and remember…" Professor Del Fina appears and offers to help. When Del Fina says, "Don't give up," Rex finds the messages gone from the pages of the book he gave him. Del Fina talks about his father, the time traveler, and asks how far back Gigi wants to go. He brings up how his father brought a couple who didn't belong in 1968 back to the future. Though the porthole only opens every twenty years, Del Fina takes out a device that can take them back in time. Rex doesn't buy it. Del Fina reminds them that fate brought them together. Gigi only wants answers and urges Rex to go along with Del Fina, who types into his device: 'Llanview' and the date that Rex lost Gigi. They plug it into an old TV and watch as Gigi leaves the carriage house to run an errand - with a tape recorder. After Gigi leaves, they see Stacy appear from the bushes with Gigi's face. "Is that me?" Gigi asks Rex.


From jail, Cutter calls Aubrey for help.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

The truth about Stacy/Gigi is finally revealed.

John and Natalie prepare to discuss their relationship.

Tea receives a message from beyond

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