I Pushed Her Into The Basement.

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Jack confesses, Shane talks about a special gift, and Viki reacts to Kim and Clint kissing...

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Shane finds Aubrey decorating the Buchanan Mansion. She wanted to surprise him and Rex. Shane explains Rex stayed behind in Texas. He's not sure when he'll be home and asks if Aubrey wants to spend Christmas with him at Viki's. Aubrey thanks Shane but assures him she won't be alone. She'll spend the holidays with Rama. Shane rants about what Stacy did and how Noelle's pie won. It was weird being in Texas without his mom, but he was able to say goodbye. Shane doesn't think his dad is ready to say goodbye but has an idea how to help him. Aubrey questions Shane's motives for getting Neela to get Jack to confess, especially since Neela has a crush on Jack. Shane knows Neela will come through for him. Aubrey hangs Noelle's pie award on the tree for Gigi.


At The Sun, with the recorder running, Neela assures Jack that he can trust her. Jack admits Shane's mother died because of him. He regrets the continued bullying of Shane and explains how he tricked Shane by sending him an invitation to meet at an empty house. Gigi saw the invite. They didn't know it was her. "I pushed her into the basement," Jack admits. "I didn't mean for her to die." Gigi died because of him. He was going to go to the cops but his dad paid off Brad's dad for Brad to take the blame. "It was all me!" Jack screams. He thinks Victor died because he killed Gigi. Jack saw Gigi's ghost and wishes she were real, so he could have told her he's sorry. Neela holds Jack close. Jack can't find a way to live with the guilt. He's a terrible person and now knows how Shane feels. How it feels to lose a parent. Neela can see how sorry Jack is. Later, as Neela removes the tape from the recorder, Shane calls.


Viki sees Kim and Clint kissing in the living room at Llanfair. Kim pulls back, asks Clint if they belong together then kisses him again. Viki sneaks off unseen, runs into David and leaves. Clint pulls back and tells Kim he wants to be with Viki. "No you don't," Kim objects. She thinks the atmosphere at Llanfair is simply familiar to him. "I'm in love with Viki," Clint insists and apologizes. Kim wonders what'll happen if Viki doesn't want him. It's a chance Clint's willing to take. Kim kisses Clint goodbye then leaves. He places a gift for Viki under the tree.


Seated in Angels Square, Viki shares how she found Clint kissing Kim. David thinks Viki's better off. Clint's not worth it and is using her. Viki cries and falls into David's arms. David hates Clint but knows Viki loves him. He wants to help Viki forget about Clint and takes off his shirt. He shows Viki his tattoo and talks like a chipmunk. David promises Viki will find someone better than Clint and offers himself up to her. He agrees when Viki reminds him that Dorian would kill them both. Viki cries in David's arms.


At the Texas airport, Cutter shows Professor Del Fina a picture of Gigi. Has he seen her? Del Fina recalls seeing Gigi and urges Cutter to let her go. She went back to where she felt as one.


Gigi approaches Rex at the Bon Jour Café. "Go to hell Stacy Morasco and don't come back," Rex snaps. He can't stand looking at her or hearing her voice and berates what she's done. "I'm not Stacy," she replies then backtracks. Everyone tells her she's Stacy, but she has amnesia and pleads, "You have to believe me." Rex doesn't but listens as she talks about Cutter helping her. She didn't want to hurt Rex and Shane, so they spun a globe, intent on leaving Llanview, and her finger landed on Paris, Texas. She apologizes and turns to leave. Rex stops her, touches her face and says, "You look so much like Gigi." He snaps out of it. It hurts too much to look at her. She tried to have her face changed back and asks if Rex knows why she would feel as though she's been in Paris before. "Nice try," Rex replies. "Stacy was never in Paris, Texas." He grabs her and warns if she ever goes near his son… Cutter appears and stands between them. Rex lunges at him. She orders Rex to leave Cutter alone. Cutter thinks back to what Del Fina said then tells Rex and Gigi there's something they both need to know.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Jack asks Todd to spend Christmas Eve with their family.

Shane meets with Neela.

Cutter confesses the truth.

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