S.O.S. Save Our Stories.

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Roxy makes her move, John is there when Tea experiences a moment of crisis, and Natalie and Jessica trim the Christmas tree...

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At "The Blanca Morales Show" Roxy, Shaun and Destiny watch as David's welcomed to the stage. After taking Blanca in a long kiss, David jokes about Dorian's extra-political activities and claims she won't care about the kiss. David gushes about his fans. Roxy barges onto the set, with Shaun and Destiny following, and demands he save "Fraternity Row." David wants to cut to commercial and calls Roxy deranged. "Deranged sells," Blanca snaps and interviews Roxy and her posse, who are wearing 'S.O.S Save Our Stories' t-shirts. Destiny chimes in about her baby daddy wanting nothing to do with her and compares Matthew to David, who only cares about himself.


At the loft Matthew admits to Bo and Nora that he told Destiny he wishes they could give their baby up for adoption. He vows not to give up college or a social life. Nora knows they'll all have to make adjustments and reminds Matthew he should've thought before his actions to begin with. Matthew wishes Nora would've stayed out of it. Bo warns they can't unmake the decision. They, along with the Evans, will raise the baby. Matthew can live his own life. Matthew resents that he'll look like a deadbeat dad. Their attention turns to "The Blanca Morales Show." Matthew can't believe Destiny called him out on national television. When David suggests Bo wouldn't want him to take a role on "Fraternity Row," Blanca calls Bo. Bo tells Matthew to ignore the phone, but Matthew refuses and hands the phone to Bo, who used to be the soap's producer. Bo brings up the Daisy Award he won for the soap and claims there would be no conflict if David took a role on "Fraternity Row." Bo thinks David would make the perfect Derwood. David protests as the crowd goes wild.


Back on Blanca's set, David refuses to take a role on the soap. Everyone vows to make David's new movie a flop if he doesn't. David has no choice but to accept and does the happy dance with Roxy. Blanca urges Roxy to go across the hall to the soap's studio and tell "Fraternity Row." Roxy and David head over and find out the soap shot their last scene a few hours ago. Roxy faints and wakes up as Lorraine, with David as her husband, Derwood, and screams, "I'm on Fraternity Row!"


Blair and Starr catch Sam watching "The Blanca Morales Show" at the mansion. They need Sam's help bringing in the Christmas tree. Todd and Jack appear with the tree. Sam rushes to Todd and says, "I knew you didn't kill my dad." Todd privately warns Jack to bond with him publicly and like it or he'll call John. While everyone goes to get ornaments, Todd assures Starr he's taking it slow with Blair and making headway with Jack. Later, at Sam's persuasion, the family votes to let Todd stay and help decorate the tree. Jack puts a damper on things and brings up how Todd gave Blair the gift of Jack all those years ago when he brought him home after telling Blair he died. After Todd orders Jack to put a log on the fire, since he's so good at starting fires, he admits he's done some bad things. Sam thinks he's a good guy. Blair remembers thinking Todd was dead and finding a present from him for their little girl, their little star. That's how Starr got her name. Jack takes a jab at Todd when Sam makes a wish for his dad to be happy in Heaven. Todd pulls Jack into a family photo.


At Llanfair, Jessica asks Natalie about John, Natalie opens up about their issues. Natalie admits if she could take one thing back it wouldn't be her lying to John. It would be lying to Jessica. Now she lost her sister. Jessica accepts part of the blame for their troubles and admits there's hope for them mending their relationship. As they decorate the tree, Jessica and Natalie reminisce about the past. Their relationship continues to thaw. Jessica suggests Natalie give John a chance to forgive her - like she gave her.


John rushes Tea into the hospital. "It's the baby," Tea cries. The doctor settles Tea into an exam room, as John assures her everything's going to be all right. After a few tests, which Tea insists John sit in on, the doctor reports the baby is fine. Tea was simply experiencing cramps. Tea's ordered to keep her stress levels down. Later, Tea promises John she'll take it easy. Todd took Victor from her. She won't allow him to take their baby. John takes a call from Natalie, who wants to talk. He's busy but asks to talk to her later.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Roxy's dreams come true...

After passing out she wakes up as Lorraine from "Fraternity Row."

Lorraine is married to David Vickers.

Viki and Clint are Lorraine's maid and butler.

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