Everyone's Searching For Answers

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Rex seeks David’s help in finding Adriana, Todd knows what Blair’s up to, John and Hugh get their warrant as Spencer remains cool…

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Tuc Watkins

Rex asks Natalie to pretend to be Adriana, to be her voice. He shows her the text message, not believing for one minute that she sent it. Rex has Natalie make a call to Adriana's credit card holder, but they can't pull it off. David shows up and Rex tells him of Adriana's disappearance, says he needs his help, tells him of his theory about Dorian. David says Dorian would never put Adriana in danger like that.

John sends Hugh along to get the warrant, as he gets a visit from Evangeline, checking in to see how John's been. They have a touching conversation about what's happening in their lives. John observes, and Evangeline admits, that she is in love with Cristian. Hugh storms in with the search warrant, then heads to the bank to get the safety deposit box. When Evangeline questions John about the warrant, John says he's close to solving his father's case. They embrace, then Evangeline leaves. John calls Hugh at the bank, and Hugh tells John there's no gun. John pushes Hugh to look deeper until he sees the pictures!

David tells Spencer that John interrogated him all night. Spencer kicks David out, telling him he doesn't care..."even after David speaks of John's evidence against Spencer! David then informs him that once Blair finds out, she'll leave Spencer for Todd. David infuriates Spencer, sending him on a verbal rampage. However, David holds his ground against Spencer, tells him he's no longer his brother, that he doesn't care what happens to Spencer.

Natalie and Spencer have it out at the Palace. Spencer says he'll never let Blair turn on him. Natalie reminds Spencer of Todd's outburst at the Gala, how Todd's words planted the seed of suspicion in everyone's mind where Spencer is concerned. John calls Natalie to tell her of Hugh's discovery. When John says Blair isn't answering her phone, Natalie worries that Spencer has done something to her, questions Spencer about how he 'found out' what they were doing!

Todd demands to know what's going on! Just as Blair tells Todd that he has no idea the sacrifices she's made to make things up to him, Michael runs by, disappears into Starr's room where they all find her lying on the floor. Starr, playing the amnesia role to the fullest, says she heard her parents arguing in the hallway, said she tried to get to them. Michael tells Blair and Todd that Starr has a lot of tests scheduled, that they should take off for a while. Todd takes Blair by the hand, pulls her to the elevator and says they're going home! When they reach the penthouse, Todd wants answers, wants to understand how she can still marry Spencer after she knows he framed Todd. She says she loves Spencer, but Todd won't stop. Blair's phone rings and Todd rips it from her hands, sees that it's John calling. Todd has more questions... AH HA! Todd figures out that Blair is sleeping with Spencer to get information to the cops. Blair denies his accusation, says she's trying to move on with her life, with Spencer. Blair tries to leave, says she can't be alone with Todd. But again, he wants to know the truth, why she's lying to him. Todd wants Blair to look him in the eyes and tell him that Spencer's innocent, to admit that she doesn't love Todd anymore, begs for her to tell him the truth! When she refuses, Todd says he's going to Spencer. Blair finally tells Todd that she's sleeping with Spencer to help him!

Next on One Life to Live: Rex demands from Dorian the name of the person who she hired to stalk Adriana, Blair begs Todd not to go, John worries that Blair is in grave danger.


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