Franco James Did Southwest General.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Roxy thinks David can save "Fraternity Row," Matthew's not exactly thrilled about the baby, and Todd admits he knows Jack started the fire...

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Roxy bombards David at Llanfair, claiming he's the key to saving "Fraternity Row." David doesn't know what he could do for a television show. He's a film star with major perks. Besides, the show was cancelled. Roxy thinks ratings would go sky-high with David on contract. David claims he doesn't do soap operas. Shaun and Roxy remind him that movie star Franco James did "Southwest General." They accuse David of having another reason for not wanting to play on "Fraternity Row." David admits the soap ruined his life! He brings up the writer's strike. David agreed to audition during that time, but they didn't hire him and said David was too old! As far as David's concerned, "Fraternity Row" can rust at the bottom of the sea. David has an interview with Blanca and leaves. Shaun thinks it's over. Roxy refuses to give up and drags Shaun away to Blanca's studio.


Jack rushes into Todd's office, demanding to know how he framed Tomas. Blair calls out from the other end of the phone. Todd promises to call Blair back then hangs up. Jack accuses Todd of using The Sun to convince people he's innocent. Todd challenges Jack to call Blair. She thinks he's innocent. Todd admits he's made mistakes and reminds Jack he's his father. "You can take this stupid newspaper," Jack snaps. "But you can't take me." Todd calls Jack out for starting the fire. Jack warns Todd can't prove anything. Todd explains how he saved Jack's butt. He'd do anything for Jack because he loves him. They're family. Todd will do anything to protect what is his. Jack agrees to work at The Sun, and to stop calling him Scarface, in exchange for Todd's silence. Before Jack leaves, Todd says, "One more thing."


In John's office, Tea becomes upset when the phone records point to a dead-end. John suggests they get answers from Claude. Later, while John's talking to Claude, Tea storms in and screams at John for not keeping Tomas safe. Now he's dead! "They promised to keep him alive," Claude interrupts. When Tea demands Claude tell them where Tomas is, he realizes they duped him. John orders Claude to tell them everything. Claude names Baker. John wonders who Baker's protecting. Who killed Victor? After Claude's taken away, Tea tells John, "That son-of-a-bitch Todd killed my husband." John reminds Tea they still don't have enough proof to make an arrest. Tea starts experiencing pain and cries, "It's the baby." John holds Tea and calls for help.


Bo and Nora look at the decorations in Angels Square. Destiny's parents appear and find out that Matthew's home. Mrs. Evans wonders how Matthew took the pregnancy news. Does Nora still want to help Destiny raise the baby? After all, Mrs. Evans reminds, Nora's the one who convinced Destiny to have the baby. Bo calms the conversation, and the four of them gush about becoming grandparents. When Nora brings up the room Bo painted for the baby, Mrs. Evans makes it clear it'll only be used when the baby visits. They all take a step back and agree to allow Destiny and Matthew to make the decisions. Bo invites the Evans to visit Matthew. Nearby, Starr finds Blair, who rambles about falling for yet another murderer. Talk turns to Todd. Blair recalls finding Tomas in Todd's office and thinks Tomas was trying to frame Todd for Victor's murder. That's why Tomas had the gun. He was going to plant it in Todd's office. Todd was right about Tomas all along. Instead of waiting to hear what Todd had to say, she went and slept with Tomas. Starr wonders if Blair wishes she would've picked Todd. Blair vows she's done with men altogether. They pick out a tree. Starr urges Blair to fall in love again when she's ready. She just hasn't found 'the one' yet. After Starr leaves, Blair wonders if Todd's 'the one'.


At the loft, Destiny asks if Matthew plans on being part of their baby's life. Matthew wants to be there for Destiny but wishes he could've been there when Destiny found out about the pregnancy. Now it's too late. Matthew rants about college and wanting the baby to have a good home. He wants to meet new people, even new girls. Destiny's offended that their night together meant so little to Matthew. Matthew didn't mean how the words came out. As they scream back and forth, vowing never to talk to each other again, their parents appear. Destiny storms out. Matthew rushes off to his room. Bo and Mr. Evans go to check on their kids, leaving Nora and Mrs. Evans laughing about how they're the only ones who've been acting grownup lately.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Bo and Nora confront Matthew about his argument with Destiny.

John is there when Tea experiences a moment of crisis in regards to her baby.

Natalie and Jessica trim the Christmas tree.

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